They’re Here!


They have arrived!  I am pleased to announce that we have light in our hearts and in our gym.  I am a little more excited about the latter, although I get that if I had a dark heart everything else would seem a little dull.  So here I am, happy about both.

It took some doing to get this all together.  I’m not going to pretend that I had anything to do with it.  I didn’t want to know about the details, I wanted to be wowed by the before and after on this one.  We bought the windows back in September and I couldn’t wait for them to be installed.  I do wish that my mom was here to see them.  I like to think that maybe she is looking at them as much as me and is equally pleased.  I’m not so sure that is true but it’s a nice thought that I’ll hold on to.

I believe the technical term for this type of transformation for a room is called Holy Kamoly.  I’m sure that is what my contractor said.  When I walk into the gym it calls for a party, and friends, and laughter, and good wine, and great food, and reading by the fire, and star gazing under a blanket with my children, and tall Christmas trees, and music, and dancing, and yoga, and sunlight, and more friends, and family, and my mom by my side every step of the fun filled way.

It is also calling for concerts.  I hope you all plan to attend our Jenny Whiteley concert in two days.  Tickets are going fast, so get them while you can.  I’ll see you there.



Just Wanted To Let You Know…


Last night we had our first renters.  We like to call it stranger money.  They rented Classroom #2, and they were a referral from a local B&B.  Our neighbours have been so supportive.  Both The Miller House and Jackson Falls Country Inn have been sending their extra business our way.

We had the room all set for 4 o’clock, and we waited.  We pretended to be busy.  Four thirty rolled around, then five, and five thirty.  Where could they be?  Didn’t they know we were waiting for them?  We felt like we were being stood up for prom night.

At six, I left with two of our girls to a friend’s house for dinner.  Jess stayed home with a feverish Ruby.  There were questions I couldn’t answer.  Do I give them a tour?  Should I help them with their luggage?  I assured him that he should play it cool and not seem too eager.  Sage advice for a new B&B owner and any high school student.  I reminded him several times that our guests are not here to visit him and that he should give them some space.

I left with my fingers crossed.

7:18 pm I received Jess’ text “Nobody yet…”

7:35 pm the next text “They’re here!”

All went smoothly.  We even have a renter coming tomorrow.

I just wanted to let you know, that this whole crazy adventure might work out after all.

Oh and don’t forget this:




Open for Business and Good Times



Tell all your friends, tell the whole bunch!

Our accommodations are officially opened as of right now!

As you can see, we have decided on the name South in Milford.  It took us about four months to decide.  We almost got side tracked last week when our daughter Reya suggested The Flying Turtle as an alternative name.  I dismissed the suggestion as foolish child speak but Jess was intrigued.  He fought hard for a few days to reopen the naming discussion but I had to shut him down.  At the rate we were going, it would take years before we made a final decision.

So South in Milford it is.  Our school was originally called South Marysburgh Central School, and the locals called it South for short.  And we are in Milford.  I’m not sure if I need to spell it out for you, but if you put the two together, you will eventually wind up with South in Milford as we did.

Our website is

Please sent it to everyone you know who likes wineries, sandy beaches, and cool places to stay with perfect hosts who are learning as they go along.

Remember I do have 3 kids and a dog to feed, and sometimes Jess and I like to eat too.

We hope to see you or one of your friends this summer.

Oh and don’t forget this, as I am a shameful self promoter:



First Show


I am beyond excited about our first scheduled concert.  And I’m a little nervous, but I’m mostly excited.  Two time Juno award winning Jenny Whiteley and her Juno nominated husband Joey Wright will be playing in our event space, also known as our gym, on Wednesday July 30th at 8pm in Milford, Ontario.

Listen to her singing Burning of Atlanta right here.

NORRIS&JONES will be our opening act.

Please come join us for a night of great music for only $20.

You can call me at 613.707.3855, or email me for tickets or buy them at Books and Company in Picton, or at MacCool’s Reuse.  Space is limited.

We would love to see you, and share this exciting night together.

Strike One


I’ve been distracted as of late.  There has been a lot of activity around here.  The most current has been our lack of power.  About a month ago, we were hit by lightening.  Since we live in a concrete bunker, we were quite unaware of the strike.  After a whirlwind of social activity on the weekend, some of our lights refused to work.  I spent hours trying to cajole them, but there are some darn stubborn light bulbs in the County.  Our trusty electrician came by to help on Monday.  After a friendly call to the inspector, Ontario Hydro deemed us unsafe.  Minutes later the Hydro truck pulled up and disconnected us from the hydro pole.

We are on day 4 of power free living.  Some of the more astute readers may wonder how I can be writing a post after being expelled from our neighbourhood Hydro club?  If you must know, I am harnessing all my brain power to charge my computer and internet connection.  It takes a little focusing, but it’s quite easy if you have a giant brain.  I’ve been told that my brain is so large, it has started to ooze into my shoulder cavities.  That is why I am such a broad young woman.

Sometimes we also like to use our generator.

This lack of power has delayed the opening of our rental classrooms.  I have heard that most tourists like it when the lights turn on.  A very good friend came and took some photos.  One classroom has two queen beds, and the other classroom has a king bed.  Have a wee look.  You can see more when our website is up in a few days.


On another note, Jess’ garden is full of goodness.  I love being able to skip the grocery store and know that we can find something green to eat in our backyard.  The potatoes are flowering, strawberries are ready to pick, and the swiss chard is growing faster than we can eat it.  Best of all, we have a ton of peas and I’m going to eat them all.  I love a freshly picked pea.  But if you want to come over for a cup of tea or something stronger, I will share them with you.  We can pick a big bowl of peas, sit in the grass in the hot sun, and eat peas!