Just Wanted To Let You Know…


Last night we had our first renters.  We like to call it stranger money.  They rented Classroom #2, and they were a referral from a local B&B.  Our neighbours have been so supportive.  Both The Miller House and Jackson Falls Country Inn have been sending their extra business our way.

We had the room all set for 4 o’clock, and we waited.  We pretended to be busy.  Four thirty rolled around, then five, and five thirty.  Where could they be?  Didn’t they know we were waiting for them?  We felt like we were being stood up for prom night.

At six, I left with two of our girls to a friend’s house for dinner.  Jess stayed home with a feverish Ruby.  There were questions I couldn’t answer.  Do I give them a tour?  Should I help them with their luggage?  I assured him that he should play it cool and not seem too eager.  Sage advice for a new B&B owner and any high school student.  I reminded him several times that our guests are not here to visit him and that he should give them some space.

I left with my fingers crossed.

7:18 pm I received Jess’ text “Nobody yet…”

7:35 pm the next text “They’re here!”

All went smoothly.  We even have a renter coming tomorrow.

I just wanted to let you know, that this whole crazy adventure might work out after all.

Oh and don’t forget this:





7 thoughts on “Just Wanted To Let You Know…

  1. Enjoyed meeting you and Reya and Winnie. Pies were delicious! Hope to see you on the 30th. Don’t forget the mooring is waiting for your sailboat. Looking forward to meeting Jesse and Ruby. Hope Ruby is feeling better today. Great salad carrots and peas delivered by Rainaa. Veronica

  2. Congratulations Gang on being open for business! How could anyone not enjoy the beautiful accommodations, the peaceful ambiance and the wonderful family including Ernie and ” the girls”! Love, W and N, your not so cool admirers!

  3. That’s awesome! So happy for you guys and the rooms look amazing. I’ve forwarded the info. To some friends so hopefully you’ll see them. My sister and I are dreaming and scheming of coming there in the fall. Fingers crossed.

  4. Gotta advertise b&b on this site at the top of the page. Also consider putting “b&b” on the home page for google bots and the old schoolers.

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