Flying By

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There was lots of activity in and around Milford this month.  Certainly one big highlights was that Jess’ brother Christopher got married to the lovely Christine.  We were fortunate that they decided to get hitched in the County, and it is also fortunate that we adore Christine!  It’s a win win situation for everyone.  If you still have your eye sight intact, you may have already gathered that my girls were flower girls.  I thought they stole the show but I have to admit the bride and groom did look fairly dandy themselves.  It was a stunning, fun, rainy, full three day event.  I loved every minute of it.  Here is a close up of the star attractions:


Okay enough about those kids.  Another fabulous off shoot of the wedding was that Jess and I reconnected with our best boating friends Rob and Linda from Virginia.  B.K. (Before Kids not to be confused with Before Khrist) Jess and I lived on our boat for a year and sailed to the Bahamas.   We met Rob and Linda in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and they won our hearts when they suggested we all have ice cream sundaes for dinner.  It was also a real thrill to meet a sailing couple that wasn’t 30 years older than us.  It had been 10 years since we had seen our friends, but felt like only a day had passed.  It warmed my heart to have them back in our lives.  Linda and I spent much of our 5 days together arm in arm, singing ‘Reunited’.  We will be releasing our album next month aptly named ‘Reunited’.   Here is a photo of us after my 7 year old styled our hair.


We have vowed not to let another 10 years pass before I see my American best friend.  Plus we are currently working on our new album called ‘Didn’t I Just See You Last Fall?’

Another highlight of September was seeing Sarah Harmer at the Sandbanks New Wave Festival.  I am a huge Sarah Harmer fan, and I sang the loudest at her concert.   I’m sure Sarah heard me and was happy I knew all the lyrics.  I’m certain she will be calling me to schedule a duet in the near future.


Even better than seeing Sarah Harmer was that two of my best friends Val and Zoe, came to visit last weekend.  It is always too short of a visit but we packed in all that we could.  Zoe and I spent a solid 9 hours canning tomato sauce on Friday.  We collected a giant amount of tomato seconds from our favorite, certified organic farm Vicki’s Veggies.


We were able to squeeze in some quality wine drinking and tasty food eating during our canning stint.  Saturday morning  we went to the Milford Fair.  The parade starts in our yard, so we hopped on a parade float and got down to Fair business.  There were 4-H milkshakes, giant vegetables, cute animals to pet, pumpkins to decorate, a skillet throwing contest, a dog show, and many more wholesome good times.


And today is my Jess’ birthday.  We are having a wonderful lazy day.  There has been gardening, a trip to the Milford market, salsa canning, Wini and Reya made a gingerbread house, Jess’ is making birthday jam, and we have a delicious dinner planned.  I also bought a giant puffball mushroom from a local farmer.  I picked the mushroom that most resembled a bum.  I’m going to pick swiss chard from our garden and saute it with my bum mushroom.  The dish will be called Swiss Bum, or Ass Chard.  I am leaning toward the latter.


Here is a photo of my bum mushroom and me reminiscing about all the good times we’ve had together today.


Enough of that silliness.  Here is a photo of the gingerbread house my kids are forcing me to post.


That’s me in the pink, next to the pile of snowman poo.  I never knew my eyes were the same size as my feet.

Happy Saturday everyone.