Snow Days


The buses were cancelled yesterday.  Yet another snow day.  The amount of snow we have down here is incredible.  We have a snow drift that comes half way up our window.  The girls spent hours making forts in the drift.  They all had their own apartments with skylights.  Jess and I sat inside drinking coffee, and occasionally checking out the window to ensure no one had been buried alive.  We were also making sure the apartment complex was on time and on budget.  We are not interested in shoddy work here.  We have an empire to build.

The snow continues today.  I had to cancel my social plans.  The roads are bad and visibility poor.  Friends that are geographically close, are worlds away when the roads are dangerous.  The bank beside the road goes half way up my thigh when I walk through it.  It’s only up to my knee when I walk to the compost pile.  I keep trying to get the nerve up to put on my cross country skis and embrace the weather.  Somehow, all I want to do is whittle away the time on my computer sitting on the couch with my blanket with a hot cup of caffeine.

I am still in my track pants.

The day is young.  My skis may still get on my feet before the school bus returns.  Or I may build my own housing development outside.  I’ll rent them out to artistic, funny, and insightful friends made of snow.  We can sip wine out of glasses of ice.  We will laugh the day away together, slowly realizing that people of the snow are equal to those of flesh and bone.  We can learn from each other, and live harmoniously side by side.

I should get off the couch.  It’s almost time for another cup of coffee.



Taps are Running


I think chocolate has been my main companion this winter.  I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I’ve been eating copious amounts of chocolate as of late.  I’m not concerned about my pants not fitting me.  I’ve outsmarted my pants by only wearing elasticized pants.  Not only am I comfortable but I am also at the height of fashion.  Since I tend to only see myself, Jess and our construction crew, I get to set the fashion trends.  So sweat pants are in this season, very in.  But only in grey.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in any other elasticized colour.  I have standards, you know.

On another note, our bath tub has been installed.  It took me days to actually have a bath.  The rest of the family fought to get the first bath.  I swore I would wait until the bathroom was completed.  I ate those words (with a side of chocolate) yesterday.  Every inch of our bathroom is filthy aside from the actual tub.  I resisted but the draw was too great.  I haven’t had a decent bath since June of 2013.  So I filled it up, added fancy bath salts, got in, and closed my eyes.  Did I mention I got in with my track pants on?  They’ve gotten so tight I don’t bother trying to take them off.  I go about my daily life never taking my track pants off.  It really jump started my problem solving skills.  The bath was a great way to give them a good scrub.

Just joking.

Back to the bath.  I loved it.  I think it was one of the most luxurious baths I have ever taken.  Imagine how I will feel when the whole bathroom is complete.

With a clean towel and a few bars of dark chocolate, I may just hole up there for a entire season.

Raining All the Time


I was doing a little yoga on my bedroom floor, and noticed the view above.  It’s not our prettiest view.  We’ve been having a bit of a condensation issue.  It is on our To Do List.  Due to our extensive list, our bedroom ceiling has a very low ranking.

I was thinking we should just ignore it and paint the ceiling a nice dark brown.  I hear it’s all the rage now in rural schools.

Our list of things to do and fix seems to be continually growing.  I have to admit, it does start to feel a little overwhelming at times.  I wonder when all our jobs are done, will we feel restless and in need of a project?  Will there ever be a day when I can just lie in bed and read all day?  Is that even possible with three kids?

I feel the need to make a list and get organized but every item is huge.  The first item is design the kitchen and cost it out.  Somehow I’ve procrastinated for a month on that one.  I also have to design the rental kitchenettes and cost those out.  Pick and buy tile for my bathroom, and the rental units.  Buy furniture, dishes, blankets, rugs, blah, blah, blah, and blah.

I think I’ll ignore it for another day.

Maybe I’ll go back and do a little yoga on the bedroom floor, and enjoy the view.

Renting It Out


I am very excited to inform you that work has begun on our rental units.  We will be renting out two classrooms starting this spring.  They will be 32 x 23 foot open plan rooms.  It has been difficult deciding on layout and amenities, as we are trying to please everyone not just our own tastes.  We’ve never had to consider others before in our design ideas.

Because we are a one story building, and we have a ramp outside our front door, we are making both units wheelchair accessible.  We have the room to do it, so we shall.  If you have ever travelled with someone in a wheelchair, you ‘ll know that accessibility can be scarce when you are on wheels.

We are going to keep it as simple as possible.  Both rooms will sleep 4-5 people, have a sitting area, private bathroom, and a kitchenette.  There will be an option to order breakfast.  Jess makes a mean crepe, so that may be on the menu.  We are looking for a bar cart to deliver our meals to your door in the morning.  I am on the hunt for furniture, vanities, faucets, blankets and all the other little details.  I’m glad I have a few months to shop.

We will have our own chickens this year, so most likely farm fresh eggs will be available.  I think we will have a little farm store to sell our eggs, and fresh veggies.  When you are away from the city, it’s always nice to be able to pick up a few fresh items to bring home to an empty fridge.

We are 10 minutes from Sandbanks and other local beaches, and close to many vineyards.  We plan to have house concerts in our gym this summer, so entertainment won’t be far.  Plus the Milford Bistro is a short walk from our place.  We hope to start renting in April or May, so if you are interested let me know.

The New Year


Happy new year!  I was thinking about what I would write for my first 2014 post.  My original thought was to tell you about the best wild life sighting that happened right after Christmas.  I was sweeping the front porch as part of my pre NYE party tidy up, and luckily looked up from my drudgery.  I saw a deer with a good head of antlers in the corner of my property.  He was trying to cross the road and was unable to jump our fence  on that side.  He kept running back and forth as if he was trying to get up the courage to test his luck with the fence.  I sped back in the house to tell the girls and we all watched from the window to see how he fared.  He soon found the shorter fence on my neighbours side and gracefully bounded over and disappeared into the woods across the street.  Hands down it was the best wild life sighting of 2013.

Since then it has been less idyllic.  Over the weekend, our pipe burst.  We had family visiting.  As the rest of us were happily watching a movie, my sister-in-law L.P. heard water and thankfully went to investigate.  Water was pouring out of a hole in the wall in the boys bathroom.  As I mopped that up, L.P. thankfully continued the hunt.  Our basement (which is just a tiny room) had 1/2 a foot of water in it with more falling from every ceiling pipe I could see.  When Jess came back from walking the dog, he was unfazed.  Within minutes, he had cut and capped the pipe and we all went back to our movie.

Yesterday, I went in the storage room to find more mess.  The ceiling had been leaking from condensation.  One of the 3′ x 2′ ceiling panels was so soaked with water it collasped in pieces on the floor.  Water was dripping down the wall into a giant pool of water.  Thank goodness the school board left the industrial sized mop.  It was well used.

Today is the second day the school buses have been cancelled, and we are fully house bound.  There have been a wind, wind chill, and snow squall warning for the past two days.  Winds are gusting up to 90 km/h.  The photo above was taken from my window in a particularly clear moment.  Most of the day it has been hard to see 2 feet past the window.  We’ve locked all the outside doors as they keep banging open when they are unlocked due to the strong wind.

The weather is suppose to calm down slightly tomorrow.  I am ready for school to resume, although I can’t complain too much about our lazy days.  My girls have been playing outside but only in 10 minute stints.  It’s a good time to have a gym.

Our boiler is chugging along but not at 100%.  It is broken but still working.  Jess has designed additional parts and replacement parts for our machine.  The steel used in our boiler is substandard.  It continually breaks down due to the high heat.  A local metal worker is making these parts from quality steel, and they should be ready tomorrow.

We are already thinking about the spring and what seeds we need to order.  I’m looking forward to a full growing season, and am continually making list as to dishes I can make with our fresh produce.

It’s already January.  Only a few months to go.