Happy 2017! Better Late Than Never.


We had a lovely holiday break.  It was filled with lots of friends and family as every break should be.  So far January has brought me a large amount of tracksuit wearing and book reading.  I just can’t seem to get off my couch when I have a good book in my face.  I do have a list of home projects to work on, and I am working on them.  It’s just that the ratio of book reading to project doing is heavily skewed to the printed word.

We received some interesting gifts over the holidays.  Jess’ gift to the family was a hunting camera.  We are not hunters but we do love to watch wildlife.  We have been intrigued with the busy beavers down at the Mill Pond.  We like to track their progress when they are building and chewing down trees.  We recently watched Grey Owl’s video about his pet beavers.  It’s fascinating to see these beavers eat potatoes and hop into the canoe for a ride.  I think we all secretly want our local beavers to be our friends.  We set up our hunting camera near the beaver’s dam, but so far have only caught photos of raccoons. If you want to check out Grey Owl’s movie, it is right here.


I think the kids would agree that the best addition to our family room is our trampoline.  Jess’ aunt gave it to us as her kids are all grown up.  It was always hard to get my girls off the trampoline when we would visit Aunt Jacquie. Now my kids are jumping before school, after school, in the evening, and all the parts in between.

After having three kids in three years, jumping up and down is not my best friend.  I instantly have to pee.  If I had to name my number one super power it would be my ability to urinate on demand.  If our great nation was ever in danger, and that danger could be stopped in it’s tracks with urine, well I’d be your gal.  Now if I was nominated for that job, I obviously would have to go into that interview with a super hero name, and a suit.  Of course the suit would be yellow, and made from material that always looked wet.  The name is always the harder one to come up with.  Just off the top of my head I can come up with The Piddler,  The Pisstler, The Whiz, and Liquid Excretory Producer.  That last one really roles off the tongue.

I guess I will have to add super hero naming to my list of home projects.  Now back to my book.