Slack Turning Starts Now


We had a friend come over the other day.  Amongst the Jameson’s, he asked us about our educational backgrounds.  As I rattled off our years of schooling, I thought about how far removed I am from that period in my life.  It is not only long ago in years, but also in ideals.  Since I was a young girl I struggled with what profession to choose.  It was always something new.  I bounced around from artist,  to marine biologist, to architect, to psychologist, to social worker, and then settled on technologist.  My post secondary schooling was long but my career wasn’t.  It got interrupted by adventures and children, as is the story of so many women.  Two degrees later, three children in three years, and some key lifestyle decisions landed us here in Milford, running our bed and breakfast, our Old School Bluegrass Camp, and the odd house concert.  I don’t think any of my schooling prepared me for this current project, but maybe it is that unknown element that drew me here.

I recently met a couple for the second time from my old neighbourhood.  They use to run The Pantry Press on Roncesvalles in Toronto.  Two years ago, they sold their home and moved into a 1990 VW camper van.  It was a temporary move, and they planned to buy a condominium in the city and settle down.  They have been travelling North America, visiting friends, going to festivals and working freelance.  They still run their business but do it mostly online.  When they have a deadline, they rent a house for a few weeks and get to work, but otherwise they are free to travel and follow their hearts.  They are currently doing an artists residency at Spark Box Studio in Prince Edward County  for the month of September.  They plan to mount an installation called Shangria-La, exploring the roadsteaders lifestyle.  They love their new way of life and can’t imagine being tied down to a piece of real estate.  The beauty of their story is that this chapter in their lives was so unplanned but so welcomed.  Neither one of them want to stop their VW camper adventure anytime soon.  You can check out their blog here.

When I peeked into their VW van, it reminded me of the days when Jess and I lived on our boat fifteen years ago.   I have to admit I was intrigued by the smallness of it all.  Living in an 11,000 square foot home comes with lots of perks but cleaning isn’t one of them.  I could whip up a VW van in a matter of minutes.  I could lounge in cleanliness with little effort.  Not having any stuff is also very appealing to me, and I know Jess would love that aspect of small living.  It made me think that maybe my current situation isn’t a forever one.  Perhaps my retirement plans should include a VW camper or a sailboat.

We have been busy around here as per usual.  I am blaming general busyness for my lack of blog posts this season.  I hope to get back on track today.  This is officially my turning my slack around post. I’ve been a prolific Instagrammer as of late, but a real lame blogger.  And by lame I mean I haven’t written many posts lately.  I don’t want you to envision me dragging around my left leg when I walk or being mocked in my cardio class because I am unable to lift my arm above my chest.


Our Old School Bluegrass Camp was a hit again this year.  We had so much fun, with so many great people and fabulous music.  July seems so long ago, but we are already preparing for next year’s camp.  Registration will open December 1st.

Our bed and breakfast, South in Milford,  has been bustling this season which is wonderful.  We have had some lovely people stay with us.  The tourist season is settling down a bit now, which is a nice change since we are exhausted.  We mostly have guests on the weekends, which is manageable with the kids back in school.


It was very dry here this summer.  Prince Edward County had a level 3 drought.  Many of our neighbours crops were lost.  It was a very good growing season for the vineyards, although they also struggled with the lack of water as well.  Our garden languished in the heat, and we couldn’t keep up with the watering.  Our 9 acres were yellow and crunchy to the touch.  Most of our 1500 saplings that Jess planted have died.  We have had some much needed rain recently, and the lush green landscapes have returned just in time for fair season.  We spent last weekend at the Picton Fair and we are very excited about the Milford Fair this coming weekend.  Wini will be entering a nature photograph for the photography contest, and I plan on competing in the skillet toss again this year.  I won second place last year and received a $5 prize.  I quickly reinvested that $5 at the 4H milkshake stand.  If you are in Prince Edward County this upcoming weekend come out to the Milford Fair.  It is the best show in town!