About Us

We are a simple family of five, with a dog. We are leaving our lovely life in the city to a new adventure in the country.  One that is less busy, more fulfilling and more sustainable.  We are going to try and live as green as we can, and spend more time with our three girls.  We want to teach them that you don’t always have to live inside the box and sometimes it’s worth leaving a comfortable life to embark on a new chapter.  We hope to have more time to see friends, and family, more time to drink good wine and good food, more time to build instead of buy what we need, more space to plant and farm, and more time to paint and craft and write and read.

We are excited and scared and sad to leave, and can’t wait to go all jumbled up together.


20 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Chris saw your cool urinals and wants to buy one off you. I suggested he trade you for a real toilet ! I asked where we would put it and he replied , I don’t know the basement. That really would add to The Man Cave.

  2. Hi Alysa, We’re in PEC on holiday and just figured out that we’re staying around the corner from you on CR 13. If you’re around today or tomorrow (Aug 14 or 15), we and the girls would love to stop in and say hi.
    Lori and Steve (from your old ‘hood)

  3. Cassiopeia, Cassiopeia. This is ‘Byew, Byew’ aka Beau. Aka Linda and Rob.
    You guys are amazing!!! What a great adventure. Trading up for a land mega-yacht!
    Looking forward to catching up with you….

  4. Wow! You and your family’s bravery is admirable! I don’t know if I could actually go through with a drastic move, although the idea is appealing. I look forward to checking out your blog.

      • I think this goes down as the coolest thing i have ever heard of!!! Seriously!! How did you come up with this grand idea? Do your kids love it? Or do they feel like they never leave school? Going from one building to the next. LOL Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks Lisa. We were thinking about moving out of Toronto for a while, and found the school on Kijiji, and decided to go for it. We had no plan, or job. We assumed we would figure it out, and I guess we mostly have. The community is small but full of great people. We are glad we made the move. My biggest annoyance living in a school is that my kids scooter everywhere instead of walking around the house. I’m constantly telling them to put a helmet on!

  5. Hi Alysa! Karen Collacutt sent me your link — I adore what you’re doing! We are leaving Toronto this spring, moving to PEC, and renovating an old barn not far from you. Feels a little bit crazy, but in a good way. Like you, we want to make more time in our lives for the things we truly love – friends, food, making instead of buying, and being in the natural world again. See you soon I hope! Warmly, Sarah

  6. Hi Alysa. I just finished reading the beautiful tribute to your Mom. You certainly have a way with words. Your Mom was always and will always be very proud of you. I really miss her also. Sylvia Keyes.

  7. HI – I heard you on CBC this morning – A move from Toronto into a school. Wow! Love the pictures and I am seriously thinking of getting my girlfriends to spend a week-end there with me and we could do some wine tours! Best of luck with this exciting adventure.

  8. I am friends with Heather CorsCadden.
    She is midwifing with us today. Our fourth.
    Great project. Love checking out your conversion both physical and lifestyle. I bought a couple of buildings 13 years ago in Guelph and converted to 4 lofts a yoga studio and art gallery all of which I don’t do anymore. Time for a change. Awesome job you are doing. Look forward to staying at your B And B.

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