5 Minutes and 24 Seconds of Fame


It is getting pretty famous around here.  I keep having to check outside to see if the paparazzi has shown up yet.  I had my first ever radio spot on Toronto CBC’s Metro Morning with Matt Galloway today.  I almost threw up over the phone line and vomited in Matt’s left eye I was so nervous.  I would feel awful if I did throw up in Matt’s eye, since I am a huge fan of him and his show.  I stream it every morning, and pretend that all my Toronto friends are just a stone’s throw away.

I have always had stage fright.  I remember doing speeches in grade 4 and just giggling my way through them.  It was terrible.  Most people find it hard to believe I have stage fright because often it is hard to shut me up.  When I had a job (not the thankless, rewarding, non paying job of motherhood, but a real job where you get a pay cheque and praise, and no one whines at you to make them lunch), I was expected to do sales presentations.  I became an expert at avoiding all public speaking.  My awesome boss Dan, ended up bribing me with a significant raise providing I took a Toast Masters course.  I almost declined, until my financial common sense kicked in.

I wrote some awesome speeches at Toast Masters, and then giggled my way through them.  Then I got my raise and avoided sales presentations as much as possible.  When it became unavoidable, I got pregnant and got the heck out of there!

The fame train isn’t coming to a stop anytime soon, as I am booked on Ontario Morning tomorrow at 7:20am.  I hope I can keep my cool and not vomit through the phone lines.




Summer So Far


I know this is starting to sound old but it’s been busy around here.  Our garden, no thanks to me, is booming.  I picked these delicious carrots the other day.  You might have already noticed that I am slowly turning into a man.  The transformation is near complete in my hands.  I’ll let you know when the rest of me starts to turn.  I’m hoping it’s the facial hair next.

I am scrambling to get organized to visit my dear friend tomorrow who is running off to live in France for a year, and I will miss her terribly.  Aside from being in bed sick for a solid three days this week, I haven’t had a day off yet this summer.  Our bed and breakfast is full most nights, so there is laundry to do, rooms to clean, and breakfasts to make.  My girls and I are going to escape for a few days and let Jess hold down the fort.

When I am in the garden picking flowers, I tend to get distracted by the strawberries warming in the sun and eat a few mouthfuls.   And then I see beauty like this


My girls are home full time too and not in any camps since mid July.  Obviously I was having some crazy parenting lapse when I was planing our summer, so we’ve been doing a lot of this


And a little of this


And some of this


We had a heavy roster of friends come through which has been awesome


We eaten several meals that have been entirely grown here and they’ve been delicious (if you’d like to nit pick, then it is true we did not grow the grain for the flour in the pastry, or the butter.  I haven’t been able to find butter seeds anywhere around here)



I’ve done a little bit but not enough of this


We’ve had a few new additions to our family.  I’d like you to meet Bubbles.  Wildflower and Tuscan were too shy to appear in front of the camera this evening.  Fish out of water and all that.


Jess and the girls have been working hard to get our boat in the water for the last part of the summer.  The girls literally scrubbed the deck


And when I left early for market this morning, I glanced behind me and saw this


And often when I head off to bed I see this


I hope you are having a fantastic summer.