Old School Bluegrass Camp 2016!


It is getting down to crunch time!  Only six more weeks to go.  If you love bluegrass, and play an instrument, you need to get over here for July 3-8th.  We have the best instructors a camp can offer.  Check out this list:  Sam Allison, the whole entire Slocan Ramblers band, ya you heard me, Ivan Rosenberg, and Ben Plotnik!

Spots are filling up fast but we still have some room.  Those mandolin players were highly organized this year.  There are no spots left for mandolin for 2016 but we still room for clawhammer banjo, bluegrass banjo, stand up bass, fiddle and flat pickin guitar.

Don’t delay!  Register here.


Back On!


Well hello there.  I haven’t spoken to you in a while.  We had a great trip.  Thanks so much for asking.  It is lovely to see you too.

We have actually been back for almost three weeks now.  We really did have a fantastic time away.  And I am so glad to be home.  As per usual, things are hopping around here.  It’s May, and the season is in full swing.

After getting up at 5 am to catch our flight, flying for 8 hours, having a little visit with Jess’ family in Toronto, then jumping in the car and driving for three hours, we arrived home.  Oh and we lost 5 hours along the way.  It must of fallen out of my purse amongst all the hubbub.  When we pulled up our driveway, there were two cars waiting for us.  They happened to be in the County that weekend and were wondering if we didn’t mind giving them a tour.  I explained our haggard appearance and gave them a quick look around inside our home.

Luckily I didn’t show them my kids rooms, as we soon found Wini and Ruby’s room full of water.  Our roof has been leaking for some time now, but I guess Roofart (it’s an old family name) decided to have a real leaky party while his owners were away.  It is so hard to discipline roofs these days.  We have tried tarring and blow torching that roof for hours on end but he still misbehaves.  Roofart was suppose to be replaced in April but that darn weather kept raining and snowing making the job near impossible.

May has brought sunshine and roofers, and lots of guests to our bed and breakfast.  Sometimes that combination doesn’t quite mix.  We were very lucky to have J and J stay in Classroom #1 while the roof was being torn apart above them.  They were the most patient and understanding guests that any establishment could hope for. Excuse me but I have an announcement to make: J and J you both are totally awesome!  I am hereby naming you both Super Awesome Super Guests.  It is a newly formed South award.  Newly formed just this minute.  It is an award for recognizing the super awesomeness of super awesome guests.  I may have a plaque made or more realistically, I may add Make Super Awesomeness Plaque on my To Do List.  I have a very long to do list so it may take me a few years to get that plaque out there.  But it will get done.

One thing I can scratch off my To Do List is grout bathroom tile, which Jess and I did this afternoon.  It is the perfect job for a beautiful sunny spring day.  Our bathroom is almost done, and it is going to look fantastic.  I will post before and after photos once it is done.  My big reveal is that we did remove the 4 urinals leaking brown ooze.  It was a tough call but I didn’t want any of us to get too soft with lots of fancy things.

That’s all the spring news for now!

I am leaving you with my favorite photo of myself and my cousin Simon.  I am quite sure he won’t be happy about having his photo posted on my blog.  But he will soon get over it when he remembers the wonderful time we had at Foxton Locks.  Until we meet again S.E.!