And then there were three


The Library is now open!  After much work, our third rental is ready for guests.  The former library, secretary’s and principle’s office is now a two bedroom rental suite at South in Milford.  It is so lovely, I may just have to move in.

As with all our rentals, there is a two night minimum for the season.  If you’d like to come visit, you can book through AirBnB.

Now let me show you some more pictures.





I’d like to thank my dear friend Kristin Sjaarda for the photos above.

Library Livingroom

Library Single Bed1

Library Single Bed



My First Time


I tarred my first roof today.

In case you need to know how to do it, here’s the drill.  Shovel gravel, blow gravel with leaf blower, repeat until crack is found, make some crack jokes, blowtorch crack, tar crack with gooey tar, blowtorch tar, blow out tar that has caught on fire, spread tar again now that it is hot and gooey.

I kicked flat roof ass today, as did Jess.  My crack jokes were not as successful.

I also went up on the roof for the first time today.

Here is my one action shot.  It’s hard to be a fashion model while tarring a roof but I seemed to have accomplished it with my 1990’s Costco capris, my blue hoodie, pumpkin orange work gloves, and my daughter’s Australia cap.


Old School Bluegrass Camp


Our Old School Bluegrass Camp is coming up on July 5th, and we are seriously stoked for it.  It is going to be a fabulous week filled with excellent musicians, both seasoned and fresh, great food, toe tapping non stop music, and most important a whole lot of fun!

If you have been thinking about signing up, this is the week to do it.  If you sign up before Sunday June 7th, you will receive a free bonus class with our in house luthier Luke Mercier!  Now you don’t get that everyday, now do you?

So don’t delay, put that banjo/stand up bass/mandolin/fiddle/guitar down for two minutes and sign up!  Let me link you up:

Register here

See you at camp!