A Few Spots Left


We are very excited about our 3rd annual Old School Bluegrass Camp!  Only 55 days until our first day of camp 2017.  As per usual, we have an amazing lineup of instructors this year.  The whole cast of the Foggy Hogtown Boys will be here, in addition to the awesome Adam Shier and the fabulous Kristine Schmitt.

Although Kristine has been with us each and every year, this year she is our vocals instructor.  Our campers have been asking for more vocals training, and we just had to listen to them.  Kristine is a power house on stage and comes with a wealth of knowledge about singing bluegrass and training your voice.  Last year she organized our bluegrass choir and private vocal lessons at camp.  We also had a singing parade around our school.  I can’t wait for what she has in store for us this year.

If you are thinking about joining us for our Old School Bluegrass Camp, don’t hesitate! We are already 80% full.  There are spots left in each instrument category but not many.

Sign up here, and see for yourself what all the fun is about!  It really will be one of the best weeks of your 2017!


Old School Bluegrass Camp 2017


It’s back!  We had so much fun the last two years running our Old School Bluegrass Camp, we thought it would be prudent to run our camp for a third year.

Our line up of instructors is just as impressive as it was the last two years.  We have the great Sam Allison, the whole crew of the Foggy Hogtown Boys, and the one and only Kristine Schmitt who will be teaching vocals next year.

So forget the pair of socks, the personalized mug, and the box of chocolates, give the gift of music and happiness this year.  Make new friends, learn to play in a band, master your instrument, and have an awesome time with us at camp next July.  Plan ahead. Registration is already open and some spots are filling up fast.  You can check out our website right here.

If you need more information than our website  provides, feel free to contact me.  I can use a computer and the telephone machine.  I’ll leave it up to you as to how you  would like to communicate.  I also have very good hearing, so if you’d like to simply yell from your front porch, or out your window I will respond in kind.



It has been crazy busy around here the last few weeks.  Our Old School Bluegrass Camp wrapped up a week ago.  It was a magical week with music in the halls, in the field, in the library, and under the trees.  Every night we were entertained and amazed by the talent on stage by both the professional musicians and our campers.  We were so lucky to have had such an awesome group of people come together for these five days.  We ate well, and stayed up too late, made new friends, sang, danced, and played a whole lot of music.   It really was a privilege to host such a fantastic event.

There were a few bumps in the road in June, but luckily it all got sorted just in time.  You can read all about it in The Wellington Times article.

Sensible Rules

Sensible Rules 2

And here is a little more reading about The Old School Bluegrass Camp.

Band Camp 1

We are already excited about next year.

Old School Bluegrass Camp


Our Old School Bluegrass Camp is coming up on July 5th, and we are seriously stoked for it.  It is going to be a fabulous week filled with excellent musicians, both seasoned and fresh, great food, toe tapping non stop music, and most important a whole lot of fun!

If you have been thinking about signing up, this is the week to do it.  If you sign up before Sunday June 7th, you will receive a free bonus class with our in house luthier Luke Mercier!  Now you don’t get that everyday, now do you?

So don’t delay, put that banjo/stand up bass/mandolin/fiddle/guitar down for two minutes and sign up!  Let me link you up:

Register here

See you at camp!

Old School Bluegrass Camp


We are beside ourselves excited about our Old School Bluegrass Camp from July 5th to the 10th.  We have some of Canada’s best Bluegrass musicians lined up to teach Bluegrass banjo, fiddle, acoustic bass, flat pickin’ guitar, and mandolin right here at our house.  There will be great food, great music, fantastic classes, and a whole bunch of fun.  We only have 50 spots to offer and people are already signing up.  That is a true statement, not just a sales ploy.  I always fall for that line when I am buying something but it is actually true in this case.  The phone is ringing and people are signing up.  If you are interested in joining us that week you can register at Old School Bluegrass Camp and get all the information you need.

It is going to be a damn good time.  I hope you can join us.