My First Time


I tarred my first roof today.

In case you need to know how to do it, here’s the drill.  Shovel gravel, blow gravel with leaf blower, repeat until crack is found, make some crack jokes, blowtorch crack, tar crack with gooey tar, blowtorch tar, blow out tar that has caught on fire, spread tar again now that it is hot and gooey.

I kicked flat roof ass today, as did Jess.  My crack jokes were not as successful.

I also went up on the roof for the first time today.

Here is my one action shot.  It’s hard to be a fashion model while tarring a roof but I seemed to have accomplished it with my 1990’s Costco capris, my blue hoodie, pumpkin orange work gloves, and my daughter’s Australia cap.


4 thoughts on “My First Time

  1. Awesome !! You look amazing and I love to read your stories of what’s going on in your action packed life !
    You are certainly creating s beautiful environment for all , so much love

  2. You need a bigger audience up top! I guess Phil McCracken made a brief appearance?
    Loves me some crack jokes. Seriously though, not many Torontotonians I know climb up and torch their own flat roof! Impressive for lay-peeps.

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