I Got Mail


One of my favorite things to do since I moved to the country is to go and get my mail.  I have a mailbox, so I don’t need to go to the post office to pick it up.  My walk to the road is short, and filled with visions of magazines and personally written letters dancing in my head.  I understand that this sentiment may cast me in a mundane, some may say boring light but I don’t care!  I like to get mail and I like to retrieve it!  I’ve said it and I’m sticking to it!

Mail delivery was a bit sketchy our first year here.  We didn’t know our address which can cause problems.  Since we live in Milford, we assumed our address was Milford, Ontario.  Well you know what they say about assuming?  It makes an ass out of u and me (put that together and it spells assume).  I’d like to punch the person that came up with that saying.  Now let’s get back to my ass.  We technically live in Picton according to Canada Post, but we literally live in Milford.  Once we jumped over that hurdle, our mail flowed freely.

We were also advised to dig out our mailbox once the snow fell.  Much of our time that first winter was focused on staying warm with little heat, so mailbox digging was low on the priority list.  Once the ice storm hit, we didn’t receive any mail for a good 3 months.  Our mailman was unable to drive up close enough to shove our mail into our mailbox.  In the end it didn’t matter as the snow plow crushed our mailbox twice that winter.  Come spring, we had a new mailbox installed courtesy of Prince Edward County.


Last week, I received a lovely letter in the mail from Ruth J.  She was a teacher at South Marysburgh School and ended her career here in 2000.  She has very politely asked to come by and see what we have done with her school.  We get a lot of visitors.  People often come by to see what we’ve changed.  Now I am not encouraging people dropping by, or discouraging them.  We like to meet our neighbours and hear stories of past happenings in our home.  We have heard of two teachers getting caught making out in the staff room and of students and teachers having to spend the night in the library due to a severe snow storm.  Neighbours snowmobiled milk and cookies to staff and students in lieu of dinner that night.

Ruth, you are welcome to come by and visit.  I have been told by a past visitor and co worker of yours that you are in the school photo above.  The school board left us many treasures here when we took possession and this photo is one of them.  We would be happy to hear your tales of the past over a cup of tea.