Help Is Needed


I was out of town for a few days.  When I returned, I discovered that the new game at home was to jump off the shipping container into the snow bank below.  No one, including my husband, thought that the 4 foot band of cement between the container and the bank was a concern.  “We are country girls now”, was the motto that was continually being spouted.  I had to remind everyone that it is less fun to be a country girl if you are in a wheelchair.  I was reminded by all involved that daddy is in charge of fun and mommy is in charge of everything else.  Well aren’t I a buzz killer.

Recklessness aside, we are in need of some help.  Jess and I possess many skills but coming up with a name for our business is not one of them.  The name suggestion I had was simply too hip and cool, and Jess’ idea was a lot of hippy mixed in with a dash of dippy.  Our business will include rental suites, farm eggs and veggies, and house concerts.  Our name needs to be broad enough to encompass all these ventures plus any other crazy ideas we would like to add  in the future.

So I turn to you dear reader for help.  Please send me a suggestion or many suggestions for a name for our business.  If the URL is also available then that is a bonus.  Pass this request to all your friends.  If your business name is selected, you will be invited to stay for one free night at our bed and breakfast.  So think hard and think fast because spring is on it’s way, and there is little time to spare.

And if we choose your name, we may even let you jump off the shipping container free of charge.


Turning Point


There comes a time in every renovation when you turn the corner and you can see the light at the end of a drywall dusty tunnel.  In every renovation, amidst all the dirt, mouse feces, and garbage you wonder if it was worth all the trouble.  You wonder if buying a old school was a good idea.

That turning point came today in the boys bathroom.  When I first saw this room back in January 2013, it was by far the grossest room in the whole building.  When we moved in, all the urinals were tainted brown and over flowing.  The only toilet that worked was the kindergarten toilet that barely reached up to my knee.

Today the windows to the boys bathroom were installed.  They look glorious.  And I am not even exaggerating.  After a long cold winter, it is totally fabulous to see sun light streaming into that room.

In case you forgotten, this is how the bathroom looked when we moved in.


And let’s not forget about my favorite part.


I’m not even sure these photos do the grossness justice.  Who out there is going to represent the gross!  Well it’s not going to be me any more.  We are all about light, fresh grout and non brown water.  I may put that on my grave stone.  What more would I want people to remember me by?

Oh and in case you didn’t feel the romantic vibe in between the lines in this post, happy Valentine’s day.

My New Best Friend



I would like to introduce you to my new best friend.  His name is Silverado.  He is a little obese at 600 lbs but I am not one to judge.  We all like a good meal.

We are hoping he will contribute to our Kitchen Stadium Dream also known as K.S.D.  There will be many occasions where Silverado will be our guest of honour.  He will enable us to forge lasting relationships through his ability to accommodate countless crepes at one time.  Or scrambled eggs.  Or grilled cheese sandwiches.  Or anything else we can think of to grill.  Do you have an idea?  Maybe you need to come and grill a little something for me and Silverado? 

Silverado is not as spry as he use to be.  He is an old man, in need of a little love and attention.  I think he can be brought back to his former glory.  It took four men and a few skate boards to get him into the gym.  That is where he will stay for the remainder of his life.

Silverado, we welcome you into the family with open arms, and pray we never have to move you again.


My Day


I woke up to a bed full of cuddles from 4 of my favorite people, a birthday message from Mexico and a power outage.  I was given a basket of presents from my girls, who had lovingly picked and purchased all items from the almighty Giant Tiger last week.  It felt like a lifetime had passed as I waited for them to choose the right gifts.  There were countless requests for me to try on footwear with my eyes closed.  There were eyes rolling in the very long line as my 6 year old counted out her change for the teller.  It was all worth it.  What 42 year old woman doesn’t need a pair of Betty Boop slippers?  You’d be hard pressed to find one.  If you do, she simply doesn’t know she wants them yet.

After the kids got on the bus, Ernie (my dog) and I went for a cross country ski on our property.  Then Jess and I went to Sandbanks for a walk on the snowy beach.  Off we went to Bloomfield for some eye candy at Kokito and then lunch at The Agrarian.  I wobbled out of there from my lunchtime pint, and after a few stops in Picton we headed back home to a house full of power.  So far so good.

I have to admit I’ve been having some winter blues lately.  A combination of inactivity, a lack of socializing, and worrying about loved ones back in Toronto has put me in a bit of a funk.  I am usually a glass is half full type of gal, so I got a little side swiped by it all.  I am on the mend.  I got out for a girl’s night on Friday with some new friends, and I’ve been out skiing for the third day in a row.  Plus I am back in Toronto in a few days to help those who need it.  And it’s my birthday, so it’s hard to be bummed out with so many birthday wishes and all the love I have in my life.

I am the luckiest girl in the world, and I still have  more cake to eat in the near future.  What more could a young girl want?  And by young, I meant me.  I just needed to clarify that in case you were confused.