I’ve been waiting until everything was pretty and new to post photos.  I’ve been waiting some time now.  As I was enjoying the sunset next to my trash pile, I realized that garbage never gets it’s due.  There are always fantastic before and after photos but rarely do we get to see the gritty before the after photos.  That thought inspired me to take some unappealing shots of our surroundings.

So I would like to take a moment to thank every rusty nail, all the peeling paint, the salvaged insulation, the bulging cork boards, the well used chalk boards, the urinals, the excessive amount of toilets, the mighty concrete block,  the plywood, the radiators, the florescent lights, the obscene amount of corrugated paper, the seven artificial Christmas trees with broken stands, the musty books,  and all the other building material that has served it’s time here at South Marysburgh Central.  I salute each and every one of you for your sacrifice and I hope you enjoy your new life as garbage.  We have tried hard to reuse those of you that we can but not every one can have a new life.  Old windows will one day become greenhouses, paper trays are now shoe racks, and the library cart is our dinner cart.  We will use all the bookcases that were left,  we love the piano, giant gym mats,  and adjustable kindergarten tables that the school board left.

When it is all sorted, I will have many photos to share.  At the moment it is messy, and disorganized.  Here are the hard working piles of the past and present.








The Season Begins


One hundred lilac roots planted, twenty bottles of maple syrup capped, one sandbox flooded for muddy goodness, twelve chicks growing quickly, friends for dinner, first BBQ of the season, 588 seeds planted and thriving, 125 trees ordered, windows opened, birds singing, frogs croaking, children in bathing suits,  patio furniture dusted off, cocktails, sunshine, bare feet, bird feeders hung, hammocks swinging, bonfire stacked, mini pizza oven made, forts constructed in the other sandbox, ice cream sandwiches before dinner, bicycle tires firm and spinning, blankets in the grass, magazines read, first purchases from Maccool’s Reuse, waterfall raging, boiler broken, patio swept, hose spraying, children laughing, sun screen slathered,  bugs captured, 20 brussels sprouts and 40 potatoes planted, and fairy gardens found.

We are very glad we moved here.



Last night I left my middle child unattended in the gym with the chicks and my iPhone.  These are the photos I found on my phone this morning.  Perhaps there needs to be a bit more poultry supervision.  Or we could start the best darn chicken circus this town has ever seen.



Picking Up Chicks


In my world of sadness, there is life.  Twelve to be exact and they all hatched yesterday.  They are now under our watch.  All five of us have been waiting with bated breath for April 2nd to arrive.  It finally came.

Jess got to the farm store right at 8am, and hurried home.  We were all thrilled with just the chirping cardboard box, and then fell in love once we opened the lid.  There huddled together, were the cutest 12 chicks we have ever seen.  Four black, four yellow, and four brown adorable bundles of fuzz.  They were quickly assigned names like Fuzzy, Loudy, Benedict, Softy, and Suzanne.  We have no idea who is who.

But we do know that we are happy to have them, happy to know that they will provide food for our family, and enjoyment for our kids.  If we can figure it all out, and give these little birds a good life, we may branch out into other animals.  Spring has sprung and we are ready to jump in with both feet.