The Season Begins


One hundred lilac roots planted, twenty bottles of maple syrup capped, one sandbox flooded for muddy goodness, twelve chicks growing quickly, friends for dinner, first BBQ of the season, 588 seeds planted and thriving, 125 trees ordered, windows opened, birds singing, frogs croaking, children in bathing suits,  patio furniture dusted off, cocktails, sunshine, bare feet, bird feeders hung, hammocks swinging, bonfire stacked, mini pizza oven made, forts constructed in the other sandbox, ice cream sandwiches before dinner, bicycle tires firm and spinning, blankets in the grass, magazines read, first purchases from Maccool’s Reuse, waterfall raging, boiler broken, patio swept, hose spraying, children laughing, sun screen slathered,  bugs captured, 20 brussels sprouts and 40 potatoes planted, and fairy gardens found.

We are very glad we moved here.


5 thoughts on “The Season Begins

  1. Hi! I sent you more pics.Looking forward to seeing you all.I love hearing about life in Millford.It sounds so exciting and you are doing so many things.Can’t wait to come and see the farm.Did you choose a name? I sent you my favourite. Lots love fromAnn xxx


  2. Good for you guys!

    Am in Vancouver now reunioning! Hope to visit you early june on our way to or from Ottawa! Lots of love to you all♥♥♥♥♥

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