Giving Thanks


I know we are suppose to be thankful every day but it is nice to have a yearly holiday that celebrates thankfulness.  I am thankful for so many things in my life that it is hard to list them all.  Since today is the most thankful day of the year, I am going to try.  The first thank you will go to not feeling awkward about writing a paragraph with six references to thanking in it.

I am thankful for being able bodied.  We have just returned from a family hike along the rocky beach near our house.  We climbed, we ran, we strolled, and we embraced.   I am not limited by my mobility.  I recently starting biking to work.  I leave early in the morning and cycle by corn fields, a sheep farm, my neighbour’s cattle, and through the fog, the smell of manure, and fallen leaves.  It is a wonderful time to be by myself and watch my world slowly pass by.  I am grateful that I have a body that works well with no pain.

I am thankful that I have a roof over my head.  When I was a teenager, my mom and stepfather went bankrupt.  The bank took our house, changed the locks, and left our possessions inside.  Everyday I am thankful I have a house to come home to.  I am grateful that my children don’t have to worry about where they will live or the financial stability of their parents.   I am grateful that we have enough wood for the winter.  When it is cold outside, we will have a warm space to shelter us.

Both my parents are dead.  I wept for them today.  Holidays are still hard without them.  There is no other relationship like the one you have with your parents.  I was lucky to have both of them in my life for so many different reasons.  They showed me that choices matter, and taught me by example how to live life and how not to.  Their deaths taught me about dying and the pain that accompanies it.  I am grateful to have a greater understanding of that journey.

Although my parents are not with me, I will be surrounded by family for our Thanksgiving feast tomorrow night.  Only three will share my DNA.  I am grateful for the love and support of my husband’s parents and siblings.

Last week I walked by a mother and her grown daughter with her newborn.  The daughter was discussing her dreams, and her mom was fully engaged.  I instantly missed that connection and those conversations that I use to have with my mom.  I also realized that I am no longer the daughter in that scenario.  I have three girls that are sharing their hopes with me now and my role has shifted to the mom.  I am no longer the daughter.  I am grateful to have been handed that role from my previous generation.  I am thankful I know what to do, as I listen to my children, because I had a loving teacher.

I am grateful for my husband, who keeps me laughing, and reminds me to love and be kind.

I am also grateful I snagged an awesome pair of rain boats at the thrift store for $10.

I have so many awesome friends whom I adore.  I am not sure I would be who I am today without my friends.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend in whatever form to takes.  There is always something to be grateful for, you just have to look.  If all the large items in your world are crumbling then be thankful of the small pleasures in your life.  And if all your bigger bits are intact then acknowledge and appreciate how fortunate you are and let the little things slide.  Enjoy the people at your table, hug them, love them, pet the dogs and tickle the kids.  And don’t forget to leave room for a slice of pumpkin pie.