Eighteen Months In


My new favorite spot these days is to lie on the carpet in front of the fire.  I’ll be cuddling with my dogs, reading a magazine, or simply listening to music.  Now that our renovations are dwindling down, Jess and I are finding we have more time on our hands.  We can now look at out To Do List with lazy eyes.  There are lots of little jobs to do, and less big ones.  We are still working on our third family friendly rental unit, but it is on hold until it is warm enough to paint.  We need to start booking our Bed and Breakfast but are leaving that to February.

I thought I’d give you a little visual update.  I was up early on Saturday to drive to Kingston to pick up my lovely persian carpets from an auction.  And then back again to put together my new Ikea couches.




I finally framed my Christmas present, and can’t wait to hang it up.  I do love my old Toronto ‘hood.


Awhile back I was the grateful recipient of Great Auntie Irinie’s  matching dish set.  I never got married so never received the mandatory dish set.  I have forever been a fan of mismatched thrift store finds on my table, but there is something so pretty about a matching set.  These dishes have been tucked away in box for safety until now.  I am a little nervous about using them as we seem to break most breakables due to our concrete floors and our slippery souls.  This set is the perfect combination of united, thrift store beauty and memories of great meals with a great woman.


We have made some progress on our en suite bathroom.  It is white, and clean and filled with sun.  We just need to have our plumber return to install our freshly painted, new to us, Kijiji tub.



Unfortunately for me I am still bathing in the handicapped stall in the Girl’s bathroom.  It is not pretty, and sometimes brown drippings from the peeling, vent above land on me when I am showering .  I have gotten use to the general grossness of my shower but am still not keen on the unexpected cold gifts from above.  Luckily it is easy to wash them away.


In case you are wondering, I have scrubbed that floor/wall countless times and it does not want to look clean.

Jess and the girls choose to bath in our still unfinished washroom in the Boy’s bathroom.  It is unheated, and a construction zone but a step up from dripping brown ooze.  This bathroom is on our big jobs To Do List.  It should look shiny and new by the spring.


Here is a little shot of my daughter’s artwork which I simply love.


As you can see, we have made some progress.  Maybe you need to come sit by my fire with me, my dogs, some magazines, and music, and see it for yourself.


Old School Bluegrass Camp


We are beside ourselves excited about our Old School Bluegrass Camp from July 5th to the 10th.  We have some of Canada’s best Bluegrass musicians lined up to teach Bluegrass banjo, fiddle, acoustic bass, flat pickin’ guitar, and mandolin right here at our house.  There will be great food, great music, fantastic classes, and a whole bunch of fun.  We only have 50 spots to offer and people are already signing up.  That is a true statement, not just a sales ploy.  I always fall for that line when I am buying something but it is actually true in this case.  The phone is ringing and people are signing up.  If you are interested in joining us that week you can register at Old School Bluegrass Camp and get all the information you need.

It is going to be a damn good time.  I hope you can join us.



It’s unbelievable to me that we are half way through January.  We’ve been fairly cosy over here in this frigid weather.  Our fire is always blazing and we have made a significant dent in our four cords of wood.  We are a little concerned it won’t last the winter but I have no desire to worry about that now.  I’m finally nesting.  I have ordered new furniture, am laying down my lovely rugs, and primping any spot I feel needs it.  And there are many needy spots.  I’m unpacking long lost boxes, painting old furniture, and purging our vast collection of clothes and toys long forgotten in the our many new corners.  And I am cleaning.  There seems to be be an unending array of cleaning tasks.  I think I need to lower my standards.  It would help me free up some time.

Our renovations continue but the end is in sight.  We have come to that point in our project where we are comfortable and most of the work is done.  Today we put up the railing of our kid loft in the gym.  It is above our pantry and only accessible by ladder.  It is our version of an indoor tree house.  It is the perfect spot to spy on adults, launch paper airplanes, have sleepovers, and it will be the best seat in the house for future concerts.


I went for my first cross country ski last week which was lovely but damn cold.  I plan to go again this week.  Jess has been spending his time building robots and building a huge skating rink out back.  As soon as my girls get home from school they are on the rink, and then again after dinner.  They are really making up for all those years when I was too lazy to take them to skating lessons.


 We are enjoying this winter much more than last.  Before we know it, it will be spring.  But before that we have birthdays to celebrate,  maple syrup to tap, good food to eat, and many friends to enjoy.

And I’ve been working on an exciting new project that I hope to share with you soon.  Until next time my friend.