Merry Christmas


All the presents are wrapped, there is a chocolate babka in the oven, handmade truffles and cookies have been delivered to the neighbours, plans are set to spend the evening at a good friend’s yearly Christmas eve party, we have begun eating the giant gingerbread house, and our dog is sleeping under our 12 foot Christmas tree.


I am having a hard time missing my mom during these holidays celebrations, and am trying to put on a brave face for the kids.  I know I say this each holiday but it bears repeating: be grateful.  Be grateful for the people at your table, in your life right now, and in your past.  Don’t worry about what your neighbours have, and what you don’t under your tree.  Be grateful for all you have.  It may only be a roof over your head, or a warm bed to sleep in but it is more than many have on this Christmas eve.  Appreciate all the work those around you have done this holiday, and appreciate that you have the ability to do work for others.  Enjoy your family.  Put down that darn phone, and turn off the computer.  Talk to the person next to you on the couch, in the grocery line, or at the mall.  Give them a kind word, or a hug, or make them smile with a joke.  It may be all they are getting this Christmas.

IMG_2248Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and don’t forget to put out some cookies for Santa tonight.

Love from Milford.


Old School Bluegrass Camp – Just in time for the Holidays


All the rumours are true!  We are running our Old School Bluegrass Camp again in 2016.  It was simply so fantastic last year that we decided we couldn’t live without all that musical fun this summer.  To shake it up a little we have some new and returning instructors.  All of them are the best of the best in what they do.

Registration is now open!  Come be apart of the bluegrass magic this July in Milford.  We make a great gift for the holidays.

Check us out at OldSchoolBluegrassCamp for more details.

Winter Plans


I am currently unemployed, and won’t be employed until our bed and breakfast opens again in April.  So what to do for the next 4 months?  Hopefully lots of things.  I’ve just finished my last of eight painting classes.  I absolutely loved spending 3 hours a week thinking about how something looks, why it looks that way, and how to achieve the look you want through paint.  I made some terrible art and loved it.  I also made a few things I adore, and some mediocre bits too.  Luckily I have fairly low standards so I am generally pleased that I have produced anything at all.

IMG_1885So more painting, and perhaps some singing classes are in my near future.  Exercise is big on the list too.  I am going to surgically remove my behind from the couch this winter.  This procedure is exponentially more complicated when the couch is situated in front of a roaring fire.  Once successfully removed, my behind will be attached to legs that are in motion and capped off in running shoes.  Automated levers will be stitched into my bum and fastened to the ends of my arms.  This will allow me to continually raise and lower my arms in 8 hours shifts without disturbing my day to day chores. I have already designed a new wardrobe that I will sew this winter to accommodate my new body machinery.  Obviously, all my sewing will be done by my feet so as not to interfere with my upper body workout.  Fun fact:  I have spent much of my life practicing doing chores with my feet just in case I lose my arms in a freak accident.  That last sentence is really true.

IMG_1993We are also working toward a less consumer base Christmas.  Our gifts to each other are either previously used, experienced based, or homemade.  Most of the gifts I’ve purchased for my girls have come from the thrift store.  I found a great selection of brand named clothes, and some excellent books at Value Village.  I am going to make a little something for each of my girls as well.  Some homemade bath salts, candy cane bark and mediocre art will be under the tree.  I’ve asked the girls to clean the interior of the car, and a date night from Jess.  Jess is planning several family fun days as a gift to us all.  The first one will be this Saturday.  Jess and the girls will spend the day baking and decorating gingerbread houses while I help a friend at our local craft fair.

IMG_1990The outdoors is high on our list as well.  Our house is now cozy, comfortable and warm.   This triple threat can sometimes hinder our enjoyment of the extreme cold waiting beyond our back door.  As an enticement,  we have a built an excellent fort from next year’s firewood supply.  It has a fire pit, stumps for seats, and walls to protect you from the bitter wind.  It’s the perfect spot to roast marshmallows, watch the starry sky, or simply take a break from your sisters.  We have plans for a big skating rink in the backyard to keep us moving this season.  We had a great rink last year, but Jess is aiming for a bigger and better one.  It is all mapped out, and he is almost finished his prototype for a self flooding rink robot.  He is fairly thrilled with his new robot and even more excited when he realized it could do double duty and water his garden next season too.

IMG_2072We have big plans to be more creative in both art and technology, more organized, more relaxed, do more cooking, more reading, more volunteering, watch some good films, and simply hang out more with family and friends.  All this leisure time is paired with leaner financial times this winter but it is well worth it.  We didn’t move here to get rich.  We moved here to get living, and we are loving it even with a long winter ahead.  It is a time to feed our souls, and before we know it spring will be upon us.