Picking Up Chicks


In my world of sadness, there is life.  Twelve to be exact and they all hatched yesterday.  They are now under our watch.  All five of us have been waiting with bated breath for April 2nd to arrive.  It finally came.

Jess got to the farm store right at 8am, and hurried home.  We were all thrilled with just the chirping cardboard box, and then fell in love once we opened the lid.  There huddled together, were the cutest 12 chicks we have ever seen.  Four black, four yellow, and four brown adorable bundles of fuzz.  They were quickly assigned names like Fuzzy, Loudy, Benedict, Softy, and Suzanne.  We have no idea who is who.

But we do know that we are happy to have them, happy to know that they will provide food for our family, and enjoyment for our kids.  If we can figure it all out, and give these little birds a good life, we may branch out into other animals.  Spring has sprung and we are ready to jump in with both feet.





One thought on “Picking Up Chicks

  1. Hope my emails are finally coming through.Are the wee chicks all thriving.?They grow quickly I know. Is there any chance we shall see you all before Easter.?I am trying to keep the 24th,25th, 26th free.if things are too busy we can drive down to see you all and stay overnight at a motel to have a short visit in Picton also. Let me know what you think.I miss jane so much and some days I get really down and feel terribly lonely.Tim has been really supportive….he was very fond of your mum and knows how much I loved her.I hope that family and a busy new life are helping you in your grief Alysa. I often think about you. Love, Ann P.S. let me know what you think.

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