Maple in the County


It is Maple in the County this weekend in Prince Edward County.  I have been in Toronto a lot as of late sorting out my mom’s house and was really looking forward to a fun filled day with my family.  We started the day off with pancakes and our very own maple syrup.  Jess and the kids have been tending to our taps and buckets, and have produced almost two bottle of syrup.  It sure made this city family country proud to be eating our own home made maple syrup.  As you can see, we needed to consume our house bourbon to facilitate our maple products.  Maybe next year we will try making our own bourbon!  I’m sure that is legal in the County.


Our first stop was Nyman’s Farm to see some baby farm animals.  We were charmed by the sleeping calves and snuggly pigs.  We kept a close eye out for their chicken operation as we have ordered our very own.  We will be receiving 12, one day old chicks on April 2nd.  We have set up our heat lamp and brooder in Reya’s room.  Reya will be bunking with her sisters until our chickens are ready for their coop outside.  We hope we can keep them alive and well until we want to kill and eat them.


Our next stop was lunch at Vicki’s Veggies.  We had maple coffee, hot chocolate and bacon and egg pizza.  Vicki’s farm is one of our favorite places.  There is always something fun going on and they have the best carrots I have ever eaten in my life.  Their  srirach’atcha sauce is totally kick ass as well.

Tonight we are off to the town hall for chili and bingo night.

Now down to business.  We are still without a name for our bed and breakfast, produce, egg, and house concerts enterprise.  We had lots of fabulous names come forward from our readers.  Here are the top three:

The Milford Public House

Peace and Plenty

County Old School

Now it’s up to you, dear reader.  Please vote and  let us know which name would be best.  And if you hate them all, tell us that too.  We need your help.  Our fate and that of our future generations is in your hands.  So step up to the plate and vote!

And thank you very much.


Getting Back Up


The seasons are changing.  It was a lovely 3 degrees today.  It seems the bitter cold is behind us. We tapped three trees today hoping for a little home made Maple syrup.  It’s our first spring in the County and are excited about so many things to come.

As excited as we are, my family enters this season with heavy hearts.  This will be our first spring without my mom.  She passed away two weeks ago after a long fight with cancer.  It took all my politeness not to add numerous expletive adjectives to that word cancer.  I know this year will be filled with a long lists of firsts without my mom, and I am not looking forward to any of them.  There were so many things we did together, that we will no longer do.  It is the first time in my life that I face the world with no parents.  It is an odd feeling.  I guess it is at this time that one truly grows up.

It is hard to get out of bed in the morning, but I do as I have three young children that are also mourning the loss of their grandma.  A good friend gave me some useful advise, as she has experienced a greater loss than mine.  She told me to live in the gaps of my grief.  Enjoy the moments when it doesn’t hurt so much.  Slowly, those gaps will widen over time and getting out of bed will get easier.  I have taken that advise, and in between the sadness and the crying  there has been laughter, and love, and friendship, and family.  It’s just what my mom would of wanted.

For all of those love ones who are sharing my grief or have fresh wounds of their own, I hope you will heed the above advise.  I wish you all love and light.

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