Open for Business and Good Times



Tell all your friends, tell the whole bunch!

Our accommodations are officially opened as of right now!

As you can see, we have decided on the name South in Milford.  It took us about four months to decide.  We almost got side tracked last week when our daughter Reya suggested The Flying Turtle as an alternative name.  I dismissed the suggestion as foolish child speak but Jess was intrigued.  He fought hard for a few days to reopen the naming discussion but I had to shut him down.  At the rate we were going, it would take years before we made a final decision.

So South in Milford it is.  Our school was originally called South Marysburgh Central School, and the locals called it South for short.  And we are in Milford.  I’m not sure if I need to spell it out for you, but if you put the two together, you will eventually wind up with South in Milford as we did.

Our website is

Please sent it to everyone you know who likes wineries, sandy beaches, and cool places to stay with perfect hosts who are learning as they go along.

Remember I do have 3 kids and a dog to feed, and sometimes Jess and I like to eat too.

We hope to see you or one of your friends this summer.

Oh and don’t forget this, as I am a shameful self promoter:



6 thoughts on “Open for Business and Good Times

  1. Alysa,

    Your website is great! You and and Jess have done a fabulous job making the rooms look cool, clean and modern. What a ton of work in such a short time. Congratulations!

    Let’s talk soon.

    L xo

    Laura Zeidler 416-822-8322

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