Strike One


I’ve been distracted as of late.  There has been a lot of activity around here.  The most current has been our lack of power.  About a month ago, we were hit by lightening.  Since we live in a concrete bunker, we were quite unaware of the strike.  After a whirlwind of social activity on the weekend, some of our lights refused to work.  I spent hours trying to cajole them, but there are some darn stubborn light bulbs in the County.  Our trusty electrician came by to help on Monday.  After a friendly call to the inspector, Ontario Hydro deemed us unsafe.  Minutes later the Hydro truck pulled up and disconnected us from the hydro pole.

We are on day 4 of power free living.  Some of the more astute readers may wonder how I can be writing a post after being expelled from our neighbourhood Hydro club?  If you must know, I am harnessing all my brain power to charge my computer and internet connection.  It takes a little focusing, but it’s quite easy if you have a giant brain.  I’ve been told that my brain is so large, it has started to ooze into my shoulder cavities.  That is why I am such a broad young woman.

Sometimes we also like to use our generator.

This lack of power has delayed the opening of our rental classrooms.  I have heard that most tourists like it when the lights turn on.  A very good friend came and took some photos.  One classroom has two queen beds, and the other classroom has a king bed.  Have a wee look.  You can see more when our website is up in a few days.


On another note, Jess’ garden is full of goodness.  I love being able to skip the grocery store and know that we can find something green to eat in our backyard.  The potatoes are flowering, strawberries are ready to pick, and the swiss chard is growing faster than we can eat it.  Best of all, we have a ton of peas and I’m going to eat them all.  I love a freshly picked pea.  But if you want to come over for a cup of tea or something stronger, I will share them with you.  We can pick a big bowl of peas, sit in the grass in the hot sun, and eat peas!



9 thoughts on “Strike One

  1. loving the story but not the no power part!  that’s not right or fair!

    GooD luck.  The room looks amazing – I will tell my friend who visits and loves Prince Edward County!


    • It does seem like the power Gods are against us. Jess is certain our trusted electrician will sort it all out today. I have jam to make. Hope you are enjoying your summer Jane.

  2. “if you want to come over for a cup of tea or something stronger, I will share them with you. We can pick a big bowl of peas, sit in the grass in the hot sun, and eat peas!” Dream come true, my friend. XOXOX

  3. Have wanted to drop in and meet you, almost did this winter. Chint is our daughter in law… Maybe we will meet this summer! The classroom/bedroom looks fantastic! Veronica

  4. I’m enjoying all your lunchroom news. Can’t wait to see you all. Is your B&B started yet? Please keep us informed. Miss you all!

    Love Ann

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