Thank You


I’m pleased to announce that our first concert was a smashing success!  Norris and Jones opened for Jenny Whiteley and Joey Wright and they were all fantastic.  I want to thank all the musicians, our good friends who spent long hours helping us set up, and everyone who came to the show.  It was a true communal event.  The kids and their friends helped by making all the signs, and ran the snack bar.  They also did their share of eating from the snack bar.  But wouldn’t we all prefer to be paid in chips instead of money if we had the choice?  Our friends did a fabulous job of pitching in to make it all happen, and everyone who came was so supportive of all we have done to our beloved school.

If you weren’t able to make the show, here is a small teaser of Jenny and Joey singing Baby, I in our gym.

And just so you know, we have another show coming up at the end of the month on Wednesday August 27th.  The line up is fantastic.  Mark it in your calendars.  We have a concert for you on the last Wednesday of every month until November.

We hope to see you here.



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