Septemberfest 2017


We closed down our bed and breakfast this past weekend.  The Milford Fair was on Saturday and we invited 25 of our closest family and friends to join us in this small town delight.  Most of our friends rolled in from Toronto, with a thumbless handful from Peterborough.  The kids decorated our float, we ate well, played Capture the Flag, laughed, reminisced, sang, drank well, played Milford Fair games, had a bonfire, stayed up too late, swam, and generally had a fabulous time together.

Pool Septemberfest

We have all been friends for a long time.  Some of us went to high school together, others met in university, my oldest friend and I have been good pals since we were four.  We had a slight crush on each other in Grade 5, but let’s face it, he was more into me than I was into him.  He has always been able to make me laugh.  He is one of the three funniest guys I know, ranking up there with Jess and my brother.  I always feel like I am one of the guys with him but in a good way.  As our jokes get more obnoxious, raunchier, and sometimes a little cruel, it only makes us giggle more.  He has a heart of gold, and he is family.  I love you N.B.!


Really I love all my friends who were up last weekend.  Not to get too mushy on you but they are all so awesome, and the only downside to their friendship is that they live too far from us.  Granted we were the ones who moved away from them, but isn’t that more their fault than ours?  They should visit more, or simply ditch city life and move to Milford.  We could have more of everything we had this past weekend.  And then I could get better at playing Capture the Flag, and not feel like I was going to have a heart attack as the under 20 set effortlessly chased me down.

Our core group has been celebrating Septemberfest since the year 2000.  It was originally a birthday party for Jess up at his dad’s farm just South of Collingwood.  His birthday would always coincide with the Flesherton Fair, and we would all make a weekend out of it.  Now our group has grown exponentially with our gaggle of children.  It was a naturally progression to move the party to Milford where there is little need to camp and there are a few more luxuries to enjoy.

As always, the Milford parade started at our place.  We get a close up look at all the fantastic people, animals, and floats to grace our streets.  Here are some of the few local attractions this year:


The owner of this horse use to be a student at South Marysburgh school.


The Kiwanis guys are here every year.  They have a Middle Eastern float with stuffed camels.  The Middle Eastern theme is odd to me as it has no association with the County, but it is always my favorite float.

IMG_0958 These guys were just hanging out.  I offered them a coffee but they would have none of it.  The guy on the left was much friendlier than he looks.


This was the best tractor name in the parade.

I am now going to proceed to bore you with all the ribbons we as a family raked in!


Second place ribbon to Alysa H. for Any Flower Floating in a Bowl.


Second place ribbon to J.P. for Peppers, hot, 3.


Third place ribbon to J.P. for Pumpkin, Field.  Please note, pumpkin was picked by seven year old Theo so we let him take home both the pumpkin and the ribbon.


Second place ribbon to Alysa H. for Felting.  There were only two entries.


Third place ribbon to Ruby P. for Any Baked Item Judged on Flavour and Appearance.


First place ribbon to Wini P. for Any Baked Item Judged on Flavour and Appearance.


Second place ribbon to Alysa H. for Miniature Arrangement, over 3″ but under 5″.


First place ribbon to Ruby P. for Any Collection.


Second place ribbon to Alysa H. for A Photo Showing Motion or Action.

And there you have it folks, another successful Milford Fair/Septemberfest weekend.  Now I have to go and start working on my fair entries for next year.


5 thoughts on “Septemberfest 2017

  1. Still on a bit of a high from all the fun we had. So great seeing everyone. My thighs were burning by Monday from Capture the Flag and I knocked off “driving a float in a parade” off my bucket list. Love you Alysa Hawkins and the Parker clan!

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