HGTV Here We Come!

HGTV Filming

I woke up this morning and found this in my Facebook feed.  My lovely neighbour up the street had posted it.  It was a long day of filming back in October. You wouldn’t believe how many times they made us repeat “We bought a school!” while being filmed by a flying drone.

I haven’t seen the full show, but am told it will air June 18th on Great Canadian Homes.  If you don’t have cable like me, you will be able to see the show online after the 18th.  I will most likely post a link as I am pretty excited about seeing it myself.  Mostly I love that some of our journey has been documented outside of my blog.

Today also happens to be the day that we took possession of the South Marysburgh School four years ago.

Happy watching!



2 thoughts on “HGTV Here We Come!

  1. Love the little video! I wish I could see the whole thing down here in California. Probably once Trump has finished making my country great (again (?)) I’ll be able to view it.

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