I believe spring has sprung, even though it was snowing this morning.  For a Canadian winter, this past one was quite mild.  Not once did I pull out my full long johns.  There were a few days I wore my thermal shirt but was never so cold that I donned my full thermal threads from neck to ankle.

Now that I live in Prince Edward County, there are some clear non weather based markers of spring.  The first event of the season is Maple in the County.  It is the beginning of maple syrup production. When the nights are cool and the days warm, the sap starts to flow.  Many farms in the County open their gates so us non farmers can come and witness what they do so well, raising chickens, pigs, cows, making maple syrup, and maple candies.  One of our favourite places to visit is Nyman’s farm.   We get our fill of adorable baby farm animals plus some tasty maple treats.


We did try a few new places this year as well.  Saturday afternoon I ventured to the other side of Milford to have a glass of wine at the Jackson Falls Country Inn.  I spotted a few friends at the bar and enjoyed Whoa Nellie! belting out some awesome tunes.  Jackson Falls has revamped their kitchen and is now serving full course dinners most nights.  I can’t wait to come back and try their culinary delights.  They are one of 13 restaurants participating in Countylicious which is happening right now.

Our other new favourite is Parsons Brewing Company in Picton.  Chris and Sam Parsons have opened up a stunning facility with great beer and awesome food.  I had a delicious pint of Mousetrap Rye Pale Ale, which paired perfectly with my maple infused pork tacos.  I met Chris and Sam before we moved to the County.  They lived just a few short blocks from us in Toronto, and we all moved to the County on the same weekend back in June of 2013.  They are now very good friends of our, and it has been wonderful having another family from our old ‘hood go through the rural transition with us.  I can’t wait to see what other delectable food their brewery kitchen produces this season, and there will always be something good to drink there.  Parsons brewery is going to be our new hang out this summer!


Photo of Parsons Brewing Co. is from the talented Eve Harvey.

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