Tis the Season to Craft


I had to give up on my Christmas knitting project due to my knitting disability.  I was going to make a pair of mittens for Jess.  My knitting mentor told me it was possible and then dismembered my sad display of knitting.  So I turned to sewing.  I have been meaning to make my kids an advent calendar for 12 years, and 2017 is the year it is going to happen!  I just completed Day 22 last night.  I have two days left to sew, and fill their advent pouches with treats and little gifts.  After school, my oldest is going to help me cut, and arrange dogwood and fir boughs as a canvas for our advent calendar.

I have put so little time aside for crafting this year, and love that I have a project to work on right now.  I’ve been on a strict sewing schedule for the last three weeks to get it all done my December 1st.  I do love to craft and do anything creative with my hands.  It is peaceful and meditative for me.  I’ll need to find a new craft post December 1st.  I guess I could try knitting again but not sure if I can reach beyond the scarf.  I am very good at knitting but once the pearling, and the stitch counting begins I simply create a giant mess.  Pair that up with some conversation and a glass of wine and I might as well give up all together.


My girls also love to craft.  Jess has declared that our Christmas tree this year will only be adorned with homemade ornaments.  He set up Craft Central on the stage.  There are a few tables with supplies mostly foraged from outdoors, a glue gun, scissors, paint and markers.  A spray station will be added once ornaments are complete and ready for their layer of shine.  He has also set up the band saw, and taught the kids how to use it.  The two rules are go slow, and don’t cut your finger off.  Really what’s the worst that could happen?  I dare you to show me one nine fingered person who is not living a full life in this day and age?

Jess and the girls have also begun experimenting with their truffle recipe.  They made a delicious batch the other night.  Full production will start soon.  We love to give these tasty treats to our neighbours and kid’s teachers.  Since I’ve been busy sewing on the couch in front of the fire most nights, my role in truffle making is mostly spoon licker and truffle taster.

I would also like to add some carolling to my Christmas agenda this year.  The word on the snowy street is that Christmas is all about agendas.  I’d like to put agenda back into Christmas.  Isn’t that the slogan I’ve been hearing lately?  I have fond memories of going to my mom’s friend Anne’s house when I was a kid to sing carols with all the neighbours.  I’m not sure I am one to go door to door singing for my neighbour’s but I would like to sing more.  I think I’ll start belting it out at home, and see where that leads me.  It may simply lead me to sing all by my loaf.  That’s still better than no singing at all.


6 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Craft

  1. You are the spirit of Xmas! You are an amazing family. When the kids were young we made ornaments, strung popcorn and cranberry garlands and we pretty much made the children’s Xmas presents … work benches, castles, doll houses, mittens, sweaters etc etc. Loved it! It was such a special time! Enjoy your special times, and merry christmas to your family! Veronica and Jack

  2. I like to knit but like you not exactly good at it-at all. But I ve found something to knit that isn’t a scarf but requires the same extremely low skill level. Blankets. I knitted one for Nia. Knitted small squares then sewed them together. Satisfied my need for more instant gratification-each square leaving me with a feeling of accomplishment. Took me longer that I ll admit here but felt good when done! The girls could even knit some squares each as well:)
    Love you.

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