Love Your Library


As per usual, things have been busy around here.  The season is just around the corner, and there is a long list of jobs to do.  I’ve just spent the last 5 days painting the staff room which is used as a communal kitchen for our guests.  I have aches and pains in my upper back that I’ve never experienced before.  I am calling it upper cabinet roller shoulder.  It is similar to tennis elbow, except less elitist and it doesn’t look as good in tennis whites because of the paint stains.

On a non manual labour note, we survived March Break even though it was a very soggy week.  When I use the term “we”, I am referring to me.  I did the bulk of daytime child care/entertaining.  Once again having a gym in my home saved us from cabin fever during those rainy days.  There was not a lot of enthusiasm for the bouncy castle as of late, so we have set up a badminton court in front of the stage.  It turns out badminton is the perfect indoor sport.  It is hard to take out someone’s eye or break a window with a birdie.  Unfortunately, Elsa our dog has eaten one of our birdies.  We are down to only a treasured one.

Another saving grace was the Stop Motion Movie workshop at our local library.  Prince Edward County libraries are the best.  It was a two day, free workshop with artist Krista Dalby.  Krista is such an awesome creative force in our community.  Small Pond Arts, Puppeteers without Borders, and The Firelight Lantern Festival  are just a few of the incredible things she does.  My kids loved every minute of her workshop and are now obsessed with stop motion movies.  Wini and Ruby have set up a film set on our stage and it has been getting a lot of use this past week.  To check out the movies the kids made at the library, click here and here.

If you want to see what serious stop motion artists film, click here.  It is a wee bit violence, but don’t worry, it is the good kind of violence.  All in the name of art.

We ended the week with a a good old fashion bonfire with friends to celebrate the spring equinox.  Nothing rings in the new season like the first fire.  My friend Allison captured this great photo of Reya gleefully jumping through the smoke. I’m looking forward to many more bonfires in my near future.



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