Oh Why Cherry Vale Why?


When we bought our little school 3 years ago, I started to obsessively research my future community.  What I was most excited about was the 150 acres organic farm a short bike ride from our home, and a stone’s throw from my kids’ school.  I imagined biking over with my kids to buy organic veggies, school field trips to learn about sustainability, and fabulous events in their three peak barn.

My dreams have yet to be realized, as this farm, formerly known as Cherry Vale Organic Farm, closed down the same month that we arrived in town.  I’m quite certain our family’s arrival didn’t cause their closing but you can never be sure.

Let me tell you a few things about this property.  It is 146 acres with several building on it.  There’s the working barn, the posh house, the steward’s residence, and the massive event space with guest rooms and a phenomenal commercial kitchen.  There’s a pond, a geodesic greenhouse, an orchard, solar panels, two windmills (but only one seems to consistently turn), and it all looks damn good with matching red roofs.  Oh and did I mention you would have some fabulous neighbours including me.  I’ll introduce you to everyone, well at least the people I know.

It has been on the market for the last three years.  It is currently on sale for 2.5 million dollars.  Now I know most of us don’t have that kind of money in our back pocket, but some of you do.  Maybe it’s not padding for your seat, perhaps it is under your mattress, or maybe you like to keep a cool million in the glove compartment of your fancy car.  I don’t know where you keep your money, but I do know you should consider spending all your hard earned cash on this farm.  Now don’t go doing this to please me.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for the good of the land, and our community.  Go grow some tasty carrots and share them with your neighbours.  Do it for your future or current grandkids.  Do it for your son or daughter who may want to be an organic farmer one day.  Maybe you spent your life working hard a some corporate job, and now want to get your hands dirty and make a difference?

Or maybe you don’t have a lot of money but are sitting in a house worth more than it should in some big city?  Maybe you and your friends have been talking about ditching city living for some rural goodness?  Maybe you are dreaming of being my neighbour again?   Why don’t you and your pals sell your houses in the city and start a commune in Prince Edward County?

If your friends aren’t digging the idea, you could totally hatch this plan with some people you didn’t like because heck it is on 146 acres!  That’s enough room to completely ignore each other.  The possibilities are endless.

So reach for your cheque book and write a cheque for 2 million (you’ve got leverage, it’s been on the market for three years!), and start dancing the country boogie on your new organic farm!

So just so we are clear, I have absolutely no stake in the sale of this farm.  I just think it would be a better use of space if someone was farming the land, and creating a community hub instead of it sitting empty.

If you want to view the MLS listing, it is right here.

See you soon neighbour!



3 thoughts on “Oh Why Cherry Vale Why?

  1. Well written, Old (not Old, but for a Long Time) Friend. Fingers crossed that the right peeps buy the place – I’ve always noticed that beautiful farm in passing. I heard that being a farmer is really hard work for city slickers. Freedom 53 entails us Burkes buying a humble place nearby, sure. Ramps are coming up soon in the maple forest. A bit farmy.

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