Snow Day #2

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We’ve been hit.  We spent a chilly weekend indoors due to the minus 26 degree Celsius temperatures outside.  Luckily we had a full house of friends and kids helping us celebrate Valentine’s and Family day.  We were also fortunate to have a gym to hang out in with a roaring fire and a commercial bouncy castle to inflate.  You never know when owning a giant bouncy castle will come in handy.  One thing I’m sure of is that when you have 6 adults that stayed up too late and 7 children bursting with energy, a bouncy castle is damn convenient.

After three days mostly indoors, I was looking forward to my kids going back to school.    But alas, as I sit at my computer with the low howl of the bouncy castle blower in my ear, solitude is not my friend today.  Last night a giant storm came to town.  It’s been snowing since I went to bed last night, and the powers that forecast are calling for up to 35 cm of snow by the end of the day.   So farewell yoga class tonight, and hello endless family card games,  and eating left over cake for lunch.  I realize that the storm doesn’t dictate cake for lunch but it seems like the right thing to do today.  And it’s darn good cake.

We have all been outside today but it is hard to maneuver out there.  Snow is up to my knees and up to my dogs’ chest.  The only way for my dogs to make any progress is for them to jump their way through the snow.  The kids don’t seem to have the willpower to fight their way to our small snowy hill for some fun.  So we are going to waste this snow day indoors in our jammies, playing cards, reading books, watching a little screen, eating cake, and staying warm by the fire.  I’m quite sure we will still have lots of snow to play with tomorrow.


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