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Holy cow times a thousand to the square root of AMAZING!!  My girls and I are thrilled to be featured in The Globe and Mail today.  Jess is generally unimpressed with any kind of pomp, but I love it.  I can’t believe they gave us such a huge spread, and all because we bought a little school in a little town.

So if you are abled bodied then get off your couch and go and get a copy of this fantastic article and read all about us.  I bought myself six copies.  I thought about going to different stores and buying everyone out of the Friday Globe but then realized I may be going a little over board.

If you are not in Canada, but are still a little interested in reading our article then click right here for the online version.

It’s a very exciting day!

Sure do wish my mom could of seen this.



28 thoughts on “The Globe

  1. Yes!!! We are SO THRILLED FOR YOU ALL!! I left Toronto yesterday after spending two weeks in Ottawa looking after my brotherinlaw so sis could visit grandkids in England!

    Stayed 2 days with Scanlons in Toronto but returned to Turks thursday so had to read online!!

    Wish Cam were still around too, to share in the joy!!

    Well done, you guys!

    See you in may!

    Love, Nancy

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    • Oh Nancy, we have thought of Cam so often over this process. He would of loved the adventure of this idea from day one. That guy was so great! Sorry we missed you this time. Come see us in May. Much love to you and Wayne.

  2. Congratulations!
    I live in Bloomfield but have driven by your place many times and so admire your courage!
    I love reading your blog too!

  3. I read the article yesterday. Liz posted it on fb. Love your story! We moved to a hamlet north of PICKERING 3 years ago. We only have 1/2 an acre and would love 10 to 15 but we love where we are. Was reading your blog yesterday evening love it! I’ve been growing vegetables and loving the experience. This spring we are thinking of getting ducks. You look the same as you did at Humberside. And your girls are gorgeous! I will keep reading the blog. Inspiring! Many hugs Marta

  4. Hi from random family in Bloor West Villate – love what you did!! Tried to find a website for the b&b – we’d love to book – what is the name of it? Congrats!

  5. Hello

    Love your gumption!

    Great story, great adventure?

    I am a custodian in Oakville currently working at very well maintained 50 year school with old school floor tiles.

    I would love to strip and wax up your floors in exchange for a stay at your BB this summer with my wife.

    We use water based wax with low voc.


  6. Very, very nice!
    “Living in interesting times” has always been a double-edged sword. Having interesting friends has always been wonderful. Keep up the good work!

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