It’s January



It’s still January.  I’m sure you are completely aware of that fact.  I am totally enjoying this month.  It has mostly been a winter wonderland around here with lots of snow and relatively mild temperatures.  I don’t think it has dipped below minus 15 this season, and there hasn’t been one blackout.  We are just breezing through this winter.

I know some people don’t enjoy winter as much as I do.  Some people long for sunnier days, lake swimming and warm sand.  And believe it or not, some very organized people are already planning their summer vacations.  We have already received several bookings for our BnB which is fantastic.  I love those organized human beings!

I’m not writing this post to stress you out about your summer plans.  I just thought if you were planning a trip to Prince Edward County this summer, I would gently remind you of what we have to offer at South in Milford.  There are many fabulous places to stay in the County, but I am particularly fond of our little spot here in Milford.  So here’s a wee bit of self promotion.

We have three classrooms to rent.  Classroom 1 and 2 are 750 square feet, and The Library is 900 square feet.  Each suite has a living room, dining room, kitchenette, private bath, and outdoor space.  There is a fully stocked communal kitchen at your disposal with a full sized stove and refrigerator.  There is also a bbq you can use.  This season, we will have a farm stand with fresh organic vegetables from our garden and free range eggs from our hens.  We will be selling homemade jams and pies.  And last but not least, we are a 10 minute drive to Sandbanks park.  Park passes will be available for you to borrow during your stay.

I have heard a picture is worth a thousands words, so I’ll shut up and post a few.

Classroom 1 – Two queen beds


Classroom 2 – One king bed


The Library – Two separate bedrooms with one queen bed and two single beds


We do all our bookings on AirBnB.  We open in April and close November 1st.  Maybe we will see you here this season.

While I am drenched in self promotion, I have to also remind you of our second annual Old School Bluegrass Camp from July 3rd to the 8th.  If you have ever wanted to learn a new instrument or hone an existing musical skill with the best bluegrass instructors in Canada, then the Old School Bluegrass Camp is the place to be.


That’s it, that’s all for self promoting for today.  Enjoy your winter.


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