Happy 2016



Happy new year!  I realize I am a few days late, but who is kidding who, the new year doesn’t begin until all the guests have left, most of the booze has been drunk, the cookies all eaten, the house is a mess, and you feel generally polluted by all the good times you’ve had.  By that definition, I am starting off the new year as defined by this blog.  If it were up to me, the new year would begin after Labour day weekend.  I understand some guys from long ago thought we should base our calendars on the lunar cycle but it would of been much more convenient for me if it were based on my academic life, and now the academic life of my children.  But woe is me, here I am forced to accept the new year in January!  I am going to embrace this current calendrical strong hold, but between you and I, I am going to save all my eye opening resolutions for September.

We really had a fabulous holiday here in Milford.  Our house was a revolving door of family, friends, and friends who are family with a party or two thrown in for good measure.  I do love to host a good social gathering and am happy that I have the room to do it.  It is a privilege to spend such quality time with people I love, and I hope to do more in 2016.  We did have some down time between visits and some of that was filled with screen time.  I was quite lackadaisical about the amount of screen time my kids were experiencing over the holidays.  Every now and then, I would insert a pencil in their ear to confirm that their brain was slowly turning to mush.  I carefully noted all my mushy findings.   Although the data suggested decreased brain power coupled with an increase in brain mushiness,  I convinced myself that their brain would harden back up to pre holiday standards once the school bell rang Monday morning.  I will take one final reading after school today to confirm my predictions.

My brain also became a bit pulpy with excessive screen time.  It seemed wise at the time to take several breaks from gift wrapping to watch a show or two on Netflix.  I noticed I was becoming more and more anxious, which was alarming because I am not an anxious person.  I was having problems sleeping, and was often up for several hours in the night.  My anxiety was in direct relation to my television watching.  Instead of worrying about global warming, my anxious thoughts hinged on whether Tim Riggins was going to get back on the football team,  or if Dr. Who was going to figure out what those damn black cubes were, or if Sheriff Longmire was ever going to solve the murder of his wife.  I do realize that these are all important concerns but maybe not important enough to keep me up at night.  So here we go, resolution number one is to stop watching so much television, at least not during the day.

Here are some more new year’s resolution in no particular order.  Eat less chips after 8pm.  Don’t drink for the month of January providing it is not a weekend, and I don’t have guests who want to drink wine.  If it is a weekend and I do have a guest try not to open a second bottle of wine.  Forgive yourself when there are two or more empty wine bottles from the night before.  Repair holes in winter boots with duct tape that doesn’t instill pitiful looks from my city friends.  Don’t wear repaired winter boots to the city.  Take a writing course.  Don’t miss writing course registration deadline.  Spend more time lying on the carpet with my dogs.  Increase daily fun quota.  Laugh more.  Forgive.  Be grateful.  Be kind.  Hug my kids more.  Eat less meat. Buy new socks.  Take more photos.  Exercise more.  And for goodness sake, take a break from Tim Riggins and his football career.

Happy 2016!  May it be filled with love, and may all your dreams come true!




3 thoughts on “Happy 2016

  1. Love it all….except I would suggest you are being a little hard on yourself with regard to Tim Riggins. I think it would be okay to keep a little of that yummy badass (with a heart) in your thoughts….I sure did.

    • I hear what you are saying Val. I do love T.R. but I find that there is a underlining sadness to that show that seeps into my being without me knowing it. Maybe that only happens when I watch back to back and then back again episodes. I may ration my Dillon Panthers to a mere once a week. Or is that still being too hard on myself?
      And just for the record, I am only watching Dr Who because the kids are obsessed with it.
      As always, I miss you and you should move next door to me so we can hang out every day or wave to each other from a distant window on an hourly basis.

  2. Awoosie, great to have been able to pass through.
    You are a geek.

    can you steer me in he right direction of a vegetarian cook book (not Thug Kitchen) or set of ideas that is going to not have me sneaking Aris Place Banquet Burgers at lunch just to fake my way through farty ground-round dinner tacos? My New years resolution was more implemented than suggested. I wear a hard-hat at work. Actually.

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