Merry Christmas


All the presents are wrapped, there is a chocolate babka in the oven, handmade truffles and cookies have been delivered to the neighbours, plans are set to spend the evening at a good friend’s yearly Christmas eve party, we have begun eating the giant gingerbread house, and our dog is sleeping under our 12 foot Christmas tree.


I am having a hard time missing my mom during these holidays celebrations, and am trying to put on a brave face for the kids.  I know I say this each holiday but it bears repeating: be grateful.  Be grateful for the people at your table, in your life right now, and in your past.  Don’t worry about what your neighbours have, and what you don’t under your tree.  Be grateful for all you have.  It may only be a roof over your head, or a warm bed to sleep in but it is more than many have on this Christmas eve.  Appreciate all the work those around you have done this holiday, and appreciate that you have the ability to do work for others.  Enjoy your family.  Put down that darn phone, and turn off the computer.  Talk to the person next to you on the couch, in the grocery line, or at the mall.  Give them a kind word, or a hug, or make them smile with a joke.  It may be all they are getting this Christmas.

IMG_2248Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and don’t forget to put out some cookies for Santa tonight.

Love from Milford.


10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. True Christmas Spirit from your lovely heart, Alysa. Much love to all of you from all of us, and a Happy New Year. Wayne, Nancy, Heather, Tom, Martin, Reade and Diana

  2. Lovely post Alysa! I am endlessly grateful for everything in my life including wonderful neighbours (well, same town) like you. Merry Christmas to you all. xo

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