Getting Ready


We have been spending a lot of time getting ready for winter.  Our top priority these days is our roof.  It is full of cracks and leaks, and they must be addressed before the snow starts to fall. The last thing we need is a crack to fill up with water and then freeze. I’m not sure why that is so terrible but I assume it has something to do with water expanding once frozen and then all the ice having a cracking good time in my ceiling.

The first order of business on the roof is to remove all the gravel.  My job is to fill our 5 gallon buckets with gravel.  Once filled they are too heavy for me to carry so Jess hauls them to the edge of the roof and tips them into our wee trailer below.  Then he trailers them to our gravel pile while I continue the mind and arm numbing job of bucket filling.

We try and get some roof work done each non rainy day.  Today was beautiful and sunny albeit a bit windy.  Jess suggested it was too windy for roof work.  I counter suggested that he was procrastinating and we should get to it.  So off we went.

We were about five buckets in when we heard the crash.  Our ladder had blown over.  We had no other way to get off the roof save jumping.  We had no phones, and no plan B.  So I did what every Milford citizen should do when in need:  I yelled for Bob.

After about 10 minutes of yelling for Bob to no avail, I started yelling at passing cars.  After about 10 minutes of getting ignored by passing cars, I went back to yelling for Bob.

Finally, our lovely neighbour Bob came and saved us.  Thank goodness for good neighbours, especially those strong enough to pick up a ladder.  As soon as we were rescued, we thanked our dear friend and got back to hauling gravel for the next few hours.


Thank you Bob! The next Manhattan is on me!


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. So glad you were rescued safely. I drove by last weekend & didn’t see anyone in the roof…I would definitely have stopped to help. We are practically neighbors! I’m approx 5 kms away. Hello 👋🏻

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