Somehow another year has flown by.  Two of my awesome children turned another year older this month.  It has been a month full of parties and cake eating.  There was a pool party and a party full of kittens, puppies and Lego the lamb.  There were cupcakes and several cakes from a box, but tonight I made a homemade banana cake with peanut butter icing.  I tend to get all my cake recipes from my  awesome friend Annie’s blog.  There is always excessive cake/pie eating in October as there is much to celebrate.  Cake eating is simply one of those burdens I must shoulder for the good of my children.  As burdens go, I believe this one may pale in comparison to some current world issues.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if the most serious problem in the world right now was my social obligation to eat too much cake this month?  Or that there was a shortage of forks in the world due to my excessive cake consumption?  Or all the wheat farmers had to work around the clock to supply enough flour for all the baking?  If only the world of over eating were that simple.


Amongst all the celebrating, we snuck out last Saturday to go to the Saw-Whet owl banding at Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.   We have been meaning to go for the last two years.  It has always been a struggle to rustle 3 kids at bedtime hour and bundle them up for a chilly night out.  It was well worth it.  We saw a Saw Whet owl close up and even got to pet it.  It was really amazing to check out an owl that close.  We went to the bird banding in the spring, and found it equally fascinating.

The bird observatory is a migration research station on the southern tip of Prince Edward County. This area is a huge migratory path for many birds.   The station bands more than 15,000 birds of more than 120 species.  In the spring, banding begins at dawn when weather permits.  Since our first visit, I promised myself I’d volunteer as soon as my kids were old enough to get themselves on the bus.  Jess suggested we all volunteer as a family come spring.  It seems like the perfect reason to be late for school.

If you plan to be the County in October, you should check out the owl banding.  I may even go again this month.  But not tonight, I’ve got some cake to eat, and a little girl to celebrate.



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