We had big plans this weekend.  We were coming into the city early, dinner plans, High Park, friends, family, good times.  Then I noticed spots on Wini, and shortly after a chicken pox diagnosis.  Cancellations ensued, and instead of sipping lattes with friends, and turkey dinner with family, there was self imposed isolation.  Off I went to buy a last minute turkey and we are on our own for the first Thanksgiving in memory.  Just the five of us. And two dogs and ten chickens.

It is a welcomed moment of slowing down.  We have been running at such a fast pace since the spring that it is lovely to just stop for a few days.  We have spent much of the weekend outside.  I took my dogs for a long walk yesterday morning.  As I walked my familiar route, I reflected on what a difference a year can make.  Last Thanksgiving, I was still so devastated by the death of my mom.  I tried hard to see the beauty around me, but I was drowning in sorrow and my eyes were blurry.  I can see clearer now, and it is such a welcomed relief.  Plain old regular life can be hard enough without loved ones dying.  As far as I know right at this moment, everyone I love, like, and tolerate is healthy.  If I had to pick one simple thing in my life to be thankful for, it would be that no one in my immediate circle is dying.  That may sound like a downer sentiment to some, but feels darn freeing to me.

Yesterday Jess and I spent a good amount of time in the garden planting garlic.  We got through close to 400 cloves.  Today we planted another 400 with the help of our girls.  That should get us through next year, with a little more to spare.  Before our garlic planting, we explored our new favorite conservation area.  There are lots of trails in a wooded wonderland filled with crazy mushrooms, interesting plants and maybe too many snakes.  There are lookouts, wetlands, mossy bridges, and a myriad of opportunities for my dogs to get good and filthy.  All part of a perfect walk in the woods.

IMG_1073 IMG_1064 IMG_1059 IMG_1046

I have a turkey in the oven, my girls are making cookies for the neighbours, and Jess is on pie.  I am going to go pick some cabbage and kale for our salad tonight, and some squash to roast.  We are on our way to a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  May we remember to be thankful each and every day of our lives.  Enjoy all of those people at your table tonight, and the pumpkin pie.  Life is too short to skip the pie.


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