It has been crazy busy around here the last few weeks.  Our Old School Bluegrass Camp wrapped up a week ago.  It was a magical week with music in the halls, in the field, in the library, and under the trees.  Every night we were entertained and amazed by the talent on stage by both the professional musicians and our campers.  We were so lucky to have had such an awesome group of people come together for these five days.  We ate well, and stayed up too late, made new friends, sang, danced, and played a whole lot of music.   It really was a privilege to host such a fantastic event.

There were a few bumps in the road in June, but luckily it all got sorted just in time.  You can read all about it in The Wellington Times article.

Sensible Rules

Sensible Rules 2

And here is a little more reading about The Old School Bluegrass Camp.

Band Camp 1

We are already excited about next year.


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