My Comrades


I have joined a work group.  Trust me, it is not as horrible as it sounds.  It consists of 5 women of various ages, and various backgrounds yet all interesting and unique.  Our group consists of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, heritage poultry farmers, and moms.  What we all share in common is that we are community minded, and we are an integral part of The Comrades.  One of our first tasks was to pick a name other than The Work Group.  We really killed that assignment, despite our lack of a Communist ideology.

Each Wednesday morning for three hours we meet at one of our houses and tackle a project.  The project can be anything, and nothing is too daunting for our gang of five.  It is really amazing how much you can accomplish when five people work toward one goal for three hours straight.  We do start off with coffee and a chat, then we get to work and finish with a light lunch.  We are usually done by 1pm, and continue the rest of our week accomplishing jobs as a single unit, until we meet again the next Wednesday to work as a team.

We have met three times, and our first task was yard work at Gerry’s.  She raises organic heritage chickens and turkeys, and is a fabulous painter.  We raked, wheelbarrowed, sawed limbs off of trees, weeded, and painted chairs and then sat down for tea and homemade rhubarb scones.

I was next on the docket.  We tried to save two old picnic tables that the school board left.  We scraped, sanded, then stained one apple green, and the other pumpkin orange.  We also painted other furnishings until all the paint was gone, and then assembled some Ikea furniture.

Today at Que’s house we got to work on a white picket fence.  That fence had been asking to be painted for a few years but it was simply too big of a job for a mother of three young kids.  But not to worry, The Comrades were there!  We swooped in and we scraped and sanded, and now that fence is all ready for some paint.

Every five weeks we each get 15 hours of labour toward a job that is too big for us to do alone.  But we really get more than that.  We are getting to know each other better every week and are already becoming fast friends.  I look forward to my work group, and to spending some quality time working with my comrades.

On the home front, my kids are also being put to work.  Reya just got her first job.  She is helping my friend and neighbour Bob at his bed and breakfast, The Miller House.  She gets up early on the weekend to help prepare and serve breakfast, and then clean up. Now that Reya has a paying job, Wini has taken over Reya’s mowing duties and Ruby is our proud mower in training.


My girls have also been busy painting the bee hive tonight.  I was a little late ordering bees and none are available, so we will have to wait for honey.  We are all ready when the bees come in.


There has also been a Pokemon craze happening around here.  I think this fad is all said and done in Toronto but it is in full swing here.  The dollar store in town is often sold out of Pokemon cards, and I am not going to make the journey to Belleville for cards.  So my kids have been creating new ones at home.


They are sure to be collector’s items.

2 thoughts on “My Comrades

  1. Comrade Alysa!
    I want to be part of The Comrades. Im certain I could be a hearty and useful comrade. So great. Stoked for you!!
    “Continous Headbutt” card!? Imagine!? IMAGINE being in a continuous headbutt. Awful. But funny.
    Ruby owns that tractor!
    Congratulations to Reya on her first job.
    V ox

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