I needed some flowers in my life today and they have arrived via Floralora.  My lovely friend Sas delivered these gorgeous tulips and I paid her in eggs.  Our egg empire is flourishing.  I currently have one steady customer, and sometimes Sas needs eggs too.  In Milford, that amount of customers constitutes an empire.  My regular gal pays me in carrots and spinach which works just fine for me because they are the best damn carrots and spinach you can get this side of Ontario.  It also allows me a little visit with friends who are going to start being very busy, as the season is fast approaching.

In two weeks, we will have an additional 24 White Rock day old chicks to add to our empire.  They’ll be a mix, so we will keep the hens and eat the males.  We are all slightly hesitant about eating our own chickens but we will simply have to get over it.  We are meat eaters.  In theory, I would much rather eat animals I have raised and given a good life.  In practice, I hope we don’t all lose our appetites once the bird is on our table.  I’ll let you know how we all chow down in about 8 – 10 weeks.

Even though we woke up with snow on the ground today, spring is fighting to get back in our lives.  There are crocus’ and daffodils blooming, and it was warm enough for me to put my laundry on the line the other day.  We have drunk our first batch of homemade hard cider, and will soon be bottling the next round.

We are off to celebrate life and those not with us, tonight at the Milford Bistro. The Bistro has new management and we are very excited about trying their menu.  I must run, get out of my sweatpants, and find boots without chicken poo on them.  It’s Friday night in Milford!


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