My Little Girl


Somehow my adorable, funny, kind, smart little Wini turns nine today.  She is such a joy to have in our lives.  I’m so glad she chose us as parents.  Nine year ago today she exploded into our lives.  My labour was only 47 minutes and she was born on our bathroom floor before our midwife got there.  She has been a unique powerhouse ever since.

We have an exciting weekend planned.  Tonight we are going to William’s Diner for dinner, and then home for a family movie and popcorn.  Tomorrow is the big party.  We have a laser machine, glow sticks, bouncy castle and disco balls for our dance party in the gym.  It will be a girly good time.

Even the weather seems to be cooperating.  As crazy as this sounds, at – 20 degrees it feels like spring out there today.  There is an extreme cold weather alert but the sun is shining, and there is no wind.  That’s like winning the lottery for us Canadians.  The birds are singing, and March is just around the corner.

We are down to our last two bottles of maple syrup, so March can’t come fast enough.



2 thoughts on “My Little Girl

  1. Happy Nine Wini! We well remember the exciting day you arrived in the world! Have a great dance party! Love, Wayne and Nancy♥♥♥

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