Look at Me, I’m 43

2015-02-03 11:22:26

Funny I don’t look a day over eight.

The rumours are all true.  It is my birthday today, so bully for me!  It’s not even noon and it has been a great day already.  I awoke to three little girls crawling into bed with me for a mandatory birthday cuddle.  They are not so small anymore, so Jess had to leave our bed so we could all fit in.  They showered me with gifts.  With a PD day on Friday and a snow day on Monday, they had a lot of time to get crafty.

I received a beautiful nail and string #1 Mom sign, a I Heart my Mom on canvas, plus a homemade dress that I will have to wear at some point this summer.  It is a beautiful snowy day here in the County, so after the school bus I got my dogs in the car, picked up my good friend Bree and went for a lovely, blustery walk in Sandbanks Provincial Park.  Now I am back home in front of the fire, with a cup of coffee, and eating cream cheese flavoured frosting out of the tub.  I better leave some for the cake or my kids will be broken hearted when they get home from school.


Jess has his radio show today, so I have the house to all myself.  There was a design magazine in my mailbox, and there is a tasty salad in my fridge, so it looks like my next hour is fairly well planned out.  As for the rest of the day, I am not sure what it will bring.  My heart is warmed knowing I have a evening filled with good food made by Jess and the girls, an excellent glass of wine, or two, perhaps more gifts, and general pampering from the ones I love.

This birthday thing is working out so far.

Oh and here is a recent photo of me with a few more wrinkles, and one grey hair.  I feel truly privileged that I get to see another birthday in good health, and with a life full of so much love, and good fortune.

Here’s looking at you 43!


7 thoughts on “Look at Me, I’m 43

  1. Happy Birthday, from a former ” county resident”, now enjoying the Vancouver Island climate. I have 30 birthdays up on you, but do enjoy following you & your family on ” letters from the lunchroom”. Been 8 years now since we left Wellington, but remember with pleasure our time spent there. Also enjoy your memories of the High Park area as I am Toronto, born &bred. Wishing you many more happy years, Alysa. P.S. I love all the wonderful pictures of your dogs & family.

  2. Happy happy 43 Alysa…your day sounds about as perfect as it could be! Love to all of you! Wayne and Nancy ( and you still dont look a day over 23!)

  3. The boss dropped by to give me some instructions and I had your narrative on the screen. He asked me to send you his birthday wishes! so . . . . happy birthday!!!!

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