Merry Christmas


Well the big day is almost here, and as per usual we’ve been busy.  Our first order of business was to find the biggest Christmas tree in the history of Christmas trees.  We went to our local tree farm and headed toward the tall trees.  It didn’t take long for us to find the perfect tree.  With all that time saved, we were able to spend a good long time cutting down our tree and hoisting it on the roof of our car.  It was no small feat.  We all took turns chopping, and we barely got it on top of our car.  There was a lot of pointing and laughing from the other cars on the road as we drove home, as our tree was almost bigger than our car.  But we got it home with our dignity and our tree in check.

IMG_7706 IMG_7702

But as you can see, it was well worth the effort.  We think it’s about 12 feet high.


Once our tree chore was accomplished, we set about our chocolate making.  This year we wanted to start some new traditions in our family.  Jess use to make chocolates with his best friend’s family when he was a kid, and wanted to reestablish that tradition.  So Jess made the chocolate and the rest of us ate it.  Perhaps we need to work on our chocolate mice.  He is currently making a fresh batch with the kids, and teaching them all his tricks.



Last but certainly not least, our stove is up and running for Christmas.  So far, we are in love.  It mostly works like a charm.  It will be well used over the holidays, as we have a fabulous line up of friends planning to visit.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with the ones they love.  We are sending you love and happiness from Milford!

See you all in the new year!

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