One Down


We are down to 11 chickens.  Jess had to kill one today.  Our lovely puppy Elsa got a hold of one and bit her feathers and part of her back off.  We decided to wait a day to see if we could see some evidence of healing, but the other chickens started pecking at her today.  We had heard that if a chicken had any blood on them, either their own or another animals, the rest of the flock will try to peck it to death.  We will have to train our puppy to not eat chickens, or restrict access.  It’s a sad chicken day.

On a happier note we received our order of 11.5 tons of wood pellets on Friday.  Even though it is unseasonably warm today, we had a cold week filled with a constant fire in our wood stove and hot water bottles in bed every night.  Jess has been busy organizing our 4 cord of wood for the season.  We don’t have sufficient outbuildings so we have a wall of neatly stacked wood in our front hall.



Our kitchen is mostly installed.  Jess will be running our propane piping for our stove this week, and then we are good to go.  Our gym has a fresh coat of paint, and our trim is being installed today.  It has been a long renovating haul, but we are coming to the end.  I’m looking forward to a clean, renovation dust free home to spend my winter.


Now I must go and spend the rest of my afternoon cleaning up the gym for our fabulous concert on Wednesday.  I can’t wait!

OLD SKOOL POSTER nov 26 2014


6 thoughts on “One Down

  1. Hey Alisa – the kitchen looks amazing. My friend Tanis grew up on a hobby farm and they always had to “train” their new dogs to not go after the chickens. Let me know if you want me to connect you with her.

    • Thanks Sam. I don’t think we have taken the appropriate amount of time to train Elsa. We spent way more time training our older dog Ernie to leave the chickens alone. We will spend more time on Elsa and restrict her access.

  2. Jesse may remember that on her first visit to Sue and Roberts farm on Flood Rd, our young black lab dispatched of at least 6 chickens rinning around in the long grass! Just too tempting!

  3. Seamus the GSP was staying at a newly made friend’s place back in August. 2 hours left in his weekend stay and we went into their coop. One chicken was attacked, but her owners have been working hard to get her well. Last I heard she was better but still recovering. We felt terrible. Anywho, sorry about your chicken.

  4. Are you renovating an old school to live in? If so that is the coolest thing I think I have ever heard of. It’s like living in a mansion!!!! Your dogs are adorable and I am sorry to hear about chicken. I had no idea the other would peck at him.

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