Sheesham and Lotus

OLD SKOOL POSTER nov 26 2014

I am still reeling from our last concert.  It was so amazing.  I am thrilled that we have another fantastic band coming to play in a little over a week.  Sheesham and Lotus and Son are playing with Ali McCormick.  You may of gathered that information from the above poster, but if not, I’ve got your back.  I am really looking forward to seeing them play as they are great musicians and are all entertainment.  They put on a damn good show!

This is the last concert in our series for this year.  We hope to do more shows next year.  We have a few more musicians on our list that we would love to showcase.  It has been a steep learning curve, lots of work, and enormous fun with some of Canada’s top talent.  We are blessed to have a venue in our home, and the wonderful support of our friends, community, and friends in our community.

So put your fun shoes on, and let’s hang out and listen to some great tunes on Wednesday the 26th.


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