Flying by October


Well another month has flown by.  We were busy.  Two of my girls had birthdays, and birthday parties, there was Thanksgiving, Halloween, a girl’s weekend getaway, a successful school fund raiser, and the fabulous 24th Street Wailers concert.

The concert was mind blowing.  The gym was packed, and the audience was dancing, clapping, and singing along with the band.  We had our best turn out so far.  The 24th Street Wailers brought down the house.  They were incredible.  If you ever get a chance to see them live, run to the theatre.  They tour all over North America.  Catch a little bit of their show right here.

I almost forgot my promise to myself that I would take some time for me this fall.  So I enrolled in a beginner painting class.  I love that for three hours a week my focus is creativity and colour.  My exercise regime is still quite lame, but I have heard of a good yoga class close by that I’ll start tomorrow.  I have many writing projects percolating in my brain that will soon need an outlet.  I will have to keep busy this winter if it is as bad as it was last year.

Jess has started volunteering at the new County radio station.  He has a regular show called Stuff with Jess on Wednesdays from 10-2pm.  He is really enjoying it.  You can stream him live here.

Another month gone, and November is looking good, full with visiting friends, and time to work on house projects.  I am really excited about our last concert in our series – Sheesham and Lotus with Ali McCormick.

It’s going to be a fun month.

OLD SKOOL POSTER nov 26 2014







3 thoughts on “Flying by October

    • No I am sorry. You will have to go old school and pencil it in your day timer for next Wednesday. FYI he does not get to choose his music as may become evident when you listen to his show.

  1. Hey Girl..I don’t reply much but I always read your post. We are moving at the end of the month to fern Ave. SO not far but I won’t have to look at your old garage’s just not the same with out you guys in the lane !!
    Sheesham and …..are AMAZING. I’ve seen them preform at the Prologue show. We wanted them for the school. We will love to make it out to see them but not sure if I can swing it just before we move….But hope to see you soon,
    Love Taya

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