Thank You


I felt the absence of both my parents, and wept greatly this weekend.  Even still I am grateful for what I have in my life.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded with so many wonderful people and love.  But in this moment, on Thanksgiving Monday, having a glass of wine in my large, dusty, soon to be beautiful, much too large, but just the right size home, I am thankful for the meal I just ate and didn’t have to cook.

Jess made fresh pasta with eggs from our hens, tomato sauce with tomatoes, onions and garlic from our garden, and steamed broccoli also from our garden.  One day we hope the cheese and wine will also be from our small bit of land.  Tonight we had dinner in our gym, a beautiful table was set by our girls, and was lit by candles and a roaring fire.

It’s a year of firsts, and this month is full of them.  Two of my girls turn another year older, and we have two holidays to celebrate.  I just need to get through it.  And try to enjoy it.

I do hope each and every one of you experienced gratitude and peace this Thanksgiving laced with turkey and pumpkin pie, love, family, friends, and maybe another piece of pie but this time with some ice cream.





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