Keep It Coming


As per usual, we have had some busy times over here.  We had a fabulous time with Doug Paisley and his crew.  Not only was he super talented but he was also witty and sweet.  Throughout dinner he was engaging and seemed genuinely interested in all my kids and their crazy stories.  His wife and little tiny baby were also lovely and we would have them all back in a flash.  Check out his show here.

A few days after the concert Jess turned 41.  Jess is non materialistic to the core and is not one to embrace his birthday or anyone else’s.  It is always a challenge to buy for a Parker, so we kept it simple.  We showered him with new long john’s for the winter, and several books on canning and smoking, and then spent the afternoon at the beach.  We had a beautiful sunny day. My kids are immune to the cold and spent hours splashing in the freezing cold waters of Lake Ontario.

We topped off the weekend with a huge dinner party Sunday night with our County friends.  I set up a table for 25 in our gym, and we laughed, drank, and ate some fabulous food.  We all had a great time.

The following night Jess and I hosted Creative Rural Minds at our house.  It is a networking event to connect creative County people to foster new connections and creative ideas.  The mayoral candidates were also here for a debate that night.  We had over a 100 people in our gym, and milling around our house.

And then we all slept for three days straight.  Well that’s not exactly true, but all five of us were completely exhausted.  I keep thinking that each new month will be a little less crazy and then it flies by.  I think November will be calmer.

I did sneak back to Toronto for a short 24 hour visit.  I had to return our sound equipment.   It was a wee bit pricey and I have a friend in town that is helping me with a more affordable option for our concerts.  I was super organized, and slotted in a fabulous friend every two hours to get my girlfriend fill.  I even had a few surprise encounters with dear friends at the falafel counter and at Ikea.

I’ve noticed that when I speak of Toronto I’ve been calling it “home”.  I love to come back to the city.  I always feel a sense of excitement when I pull off the highway and take Black Creek Drive all the way to my old ‘hood.  I was making good time the other day.  I had the stereo up loud as I turned onto Black Creek Drive.  My singing was equally loud and I was doing some seriously good chair dancing.  Dancing that would rival foot dancing any day of the week.  It reminded me that I loved to sing and that I had forgotten to join the choir that I intended to join this Fall.  And that my mom and I had tried to join Choir!Choir!Choir! a few years back but never made it out.  And how many countless times had I driven this route and headed straight to my mom’s house.  And how I avoid passing her house now even though my inlaws only live 4 blocks away.  And how my home town has this gaping hole that my mother use to fill, and that hole will always be there flapping in the wind.

And I cried all the way down Black Creek Drive.

When I hit High Park, I pulled myself together, wiped my tears away and had tea with one of my favourite people.


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