Trailer Park Girls (and one boy)


We played hookie last week.  After a busy weekend, we ditched school, loaded up our car, tent trailer, two dogs, and kids and headed East to Quebec.  I had visions of camping in the beautiful provincial parks of Quebec from Montreal to La Malbaie.  But alas, my dreams were dashed as Quebec does not allow dogs in their provincial parks.  So we got stuck in trailer parks surrounded by large RV’s, cookie cutter mobile homes, and the occasional sketchy neighbour.



Luckily there is a trailer park by every tourist destination.  Provincial parks are not always as accommodating as their inbred cousin.  We explored Montreal, Quebec City, Trois Rivieres, and La Malbaie before heading back home.  We ate fabulous cheese, learned some forgotten history, saw numerous waterfalls, and were generally freezing cold every night.  Our last night in Quebec, the temperature dipped down to -3 degrees Celsius.  Turns out there is a reason the trailer parks are empty in September.  I hope we will remember that next year.


I spoke French with abandon every day, and loved it.  I lived in Montreal for 7 years in my twenties and barely spoke French.  I spent 12 years of my youth in French Immersion at school.  I was too shy and self conscious about making a mistake back then.  There is no accessible French Immersion here for my kids and it breaks my heart every day.  I know there are worst tragedies in the world, but this is my educational tragedy.  I’m trying to convince the school board to start a extended French program in the County, but I have been told it’ll be a long and perhaps useless fight.  I’m happy to continue to fight for it, but in the meantime we have Quebec.  It is only a 3 hour drive and I plan to go often with my kids.

We had some very exciting news tonight.  We reached capacity!  We got our first 12 eggs from our chickens.  For weeks we have been getting only 10 eggs a day.  My kids were convinced we had two roosters.  Now what the heck am I going to do with a dozen eggs a day?  In the spring, we are going to raise meat chickens as they are tasty little fellows.  That way I can eat chicken quiche every day for the rest of my life, until I happily turn into the Chicken Lady.


Let us not forget our super duper Doug Paisley show tomorrow night at 7pm!  We can’t wait.  If you are around town, come on over!



5 thoughts on “Trailer Park Girls (and one boy)

  1. Looks like fun, pity about the dog thing. I find Canadian French quite impenetrable!!! Love fresh eggs look yummy! Still very warm here but the nights are getting cold and we had the first rain for weeks. Mark and family are arriving from California next week so we will will see 2 month old Freya and James and Adam will be at home too. Hope to see you next year? x

  2. Sounds as though you had a great time! Can match your trailer park tales any time! Would love to take some of those eggs off your hands on Oct 10 ( oh and Happy Birthday Reya, coming up!) Sign us up for a dozen! Looking forward to meeting new pup! Elsa?

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